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I got this viewer’s question recently: Is
eating carbs before bed bad for fat loss? Hello everybody,
This is dr.Fox from the Fox’s Power Basement. Please, like and subscribe. Broscience typically states that you should
limit your carb intake in the hours before going to bed. This because those carbohydrates would have
a greater chance at being stored as fat, because of 2 reasons. First, a slower metabolism during the night,
and second, reduced insulin sensitivity. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 reasons. Studies have shown that the average overall
energy expenditure during sleep is no different than resting metabolic rate during the day. The idea that you should avoid carbs before
bed because your metabolism slows down and you won’t “burn them off” definitely doesn’t
pass the test. In research it appears that insulin sensitivity
and glucose tolerance are not really impaired at night, but rather are merely enhanced in
the morning by an overnight fast. In conclusion, consuming carbs in the evening,
before going to bed will not lead to more fat gain, or impair fat loss, compared to
consuming the same quantities at other times of the day. If you’re consuming less calories than you
burn every day, you will lose fat, whether you eat all your carbs at night, or divide
them over 2 or 7 meals throughout the day. Please check out my How To Lose Fat Video
series, that I will link right here. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please, like and subscribe.

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