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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

uhm to be real Cardio just keeps me Fresh laughter! Weightsnbeats LOGO Aight Guys, Weightsnbeats here I am here with Kwame and uhm Kwame’s parter in crime as he’s refer to us Today’s video, we are just going to talk about cardio and the benefits and negative things about Cardio just as a whole, start with questions for Kwame, How does Cardio effective training more less on a positive side of view I think, personally that cardio is quite important um generally for your heart especially where muscle building you start to stuck mass and you know your heart can’t keep up with it so it good for you to be able strengthen those heart muscles and that’s what cardio does another thing cardio is great for is for recovery so you know I did some big legs sets in between, flashes the blood around the body exactly so all that blood work exactly and that’s your body needs it helping with that recovery in between sets as well active recovery at the same time as mostly be subject your recovery time from your from sixty delayed onset muscle soreness so then it gives you the opportunity to train with more frequency but um yeah give you more opportunity to go special to take on cardio sexual training remember we’re in a while I do cardio business is kind of sweat out mom waterway ya know it to is to keep up if you be laying in to keep my food moving throughout my body so I don’t get stuck with like fighting builders veterans no Jensen school definitely improve like my digestion with all the food that I’m eating and I try to keep good frilly food in me and like comic page to strike them in the heart and get rid of that zone congestion is housing with the cardio to correct me if I’m wrong but it just keeps excess points off yes I want to eight there’s a bit more leeway exactly are another thing like spend some free stuff in metabolism up yeah it’s also a great way to speed up your metabolism and allows you to be more like you safely attempts either on your point that users made right here you don’t have to be so strict with the diet if you keep your cardio regular like what’s the recommended thing for carne or would you do 15 minutes before your session or after and the main maintenance I think I think about 15 to 20 minutes after session can be good I still just say I still think it depends on your goal and you know what you’re trying to achieve you’re in an awfully good state for instance of bodybuilding everything every dinner like two or three times a week that’s so good enough you know I mean keeping that little bit of cardio in keep you nice and trim keep a little bit the waterway off so you can actually see where you’re at as well the notes when you maintain its own body fat when you make programs you can hear more yeah it seems yeah you can see the muscle in the body the separation they don’t like that I think it’s very overlooked oh definitely I reckon very overlooked and you know what they say I’m you know bodybuilders go just a physical sports also mental sport I mean if you see yourself as president it makes it so much easier for you to move forward and you know keep pushing and stay in the game and globo’s more even the game from the or the woman’s actually thinking with all of them specifically a mental thing cardio helps me low down my thought process to be a great actually because so many times I just kicked my cook on the go on the going to gym on the go but when I get on the treadmill and walk walk around the city we cannot give me time to think general yeah Nora yeah for me I feel really good after a good walk with John I think what I found this was but before workout I was doing my usual ten minutes my headphones in and this kind of gets me in his own yes that way my blood pumping around my whole body everybody working out cuz I make you jump in tracer a workout without warming up you don’t feel like 100 percent and I agree I was one of my idols on Tiger India does himself a jump on a stepper or like even a treadmill test and he basically um he booked here he visualizes his workout as well and I think that’s really important on a lot of people forget the mental side we must not ruin out the physical side but a lot of people forget the metal side of it I think that promise yeah obviously the sport physical yeah I don’t think you don’t have your mind I don’t think she’s really going to push past that point yeah people are basically wanna go get a mentality you want you both are training with the purchase or you can just trainee yes maintain a healthy lifestyle but I think you training for something with a purpose it is make as a whole lot easier it does 102-degree illness obviously you’re checking for a contest that’s also where cardio comes into it and then when that process happens look how do you go up intensity was going on this all works basically on our energy output so um obviously when we just first we take in energy so I only intake and algae output so you want your the amount of energy that you actually sending out the more than your intake in order for you to live 35 north which we all agree on so now when we have cardio metabolism is set up 10 more calories are burned as well so inductance it’s actually easier for us to spend more body fat but in that sense but also with our body having something called from your status which basically adds up everything that we doing eventually I think it’s really good to structure your cardio in different ways so you can slowly increase this over time that means picking up even faster cardio and I basically Lillian but I like to say I usually start with steady-state cardio and then further into calm I increase my cardio and add sub awesome hip have you internet so high intensity cardio um so yeah it really depends on your structure and like as long as you’ve got a plan that’s going to tackle it and it’s not even exactly the same sense all throughout your competition yes I feel like we make more progress I totally agree with that I think Partiers lots of overlooked and then it’s used in preference for calm if you just maintain general health and well-being obligating it’s going to improve your performance in the gym more less than jerks we have sociable repetitions yes the push through the last half of a compound to get halfway through the workout and you feel you can stop sometimes today incorporating cardio is going to improve that and just obviously help your zone train visible yes there’s no way I’m you feel like I see a lot of people sometimes dropping their calories to ridiculous amounts like a greater 100 calories of Liza but yeah I mean you’re gonna have to eat in color accept it anyway but another way to could also increase your party I’ll rather do more wakes up okay also don’t get me wrong I will drop my calories Lagos well I think you’re knocking it at the right time confronted exactly and there’s certain levels that you don’t wanna drop to be cozy but yes absolutely your metabolism that explode down if you drop too quickly it does as well so your body is up there whatever you know if you drop it to through fire and you know you give enough time for it so Duff good look things I know is they I think they so let me come over here so when you go through a cutting edge and you do a gradually growing I think your body’s gonna remember that yeah you’re gonna do a week by week don’t worry I’ve been one who’s been overlooked by your conference that is my first come probably twenty last year yep yep aid overall my overall fitness level after the crook prep for a year usually I can eat all year with them better that I was able to my endurance in the gym with much better like especially 25a anything most definitely so we go doing I always for this we we drop for nineteen years national or five years currents like you also either fight alone like anyone love it this is a way to put in the hard work and you’re like yeah here’s a photo of me got a year ago to the state actually and I got pretty shredded lash you’re doing my cardio cycle about person started out with three times a week then we started out with four times and then went to five and even with it twice a day five times a week it started at thirty minutes and in with the 45 minutes dealing with the six meter and I would split the trick anyway 30 minutes in the morning it did not do ten on the stair stepper and then I do 20 hit so you can imagine that with a high rep scheme I’m successful work I got three threaded real quick real fast and my calories work too low they were right in the mirror oh yeah right where I need is on you it closes a little off topic box when before ecology your focus needed is that when you intake more high glycemic um I don’t like issues before the show so I’m generally like an old-school world or there is to vent typically when your substance they leave in a bucket afterwards so cover to cover hi guys well that basically just this is over all right thing on cardio the positive how to use it from a health point of view and also prep for a competition I hope you gain something from the video and thanks for watching featuring Chloe and fresh so yeah we’ll see in the next video thank God Nutella protein squares don’t all break it up let’s see how she going three four five six might be for him I said nothing popular seven eight nine ten eleven whoa can she be the president working for T my wrist is missing mine thank you 22111 aloft and too dangerous right before any bars where you think because you just using one – hey you want some extra chicken nugget oh my god you got experts again I get to those ones I lost count as well 171 40 40 40 40 see sure she saw boys boys off how do you feel oh right I mean in the kitchens amazing game know what the words motivated what we wanted a deny their profession itself to limit and that’s the supple leg day right she’s showing the boys up and that’s how it’s done

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