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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

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she’s that’s cooking genius seymour burger that here subscribe to their channel and leave a
comment with your favorite bird now have personally subscribe to this
channel and i think it’s a man’s job to know how
to cook sumeet we think that i greet you united me heat that protein for any day and uh… today we are talking about she
instance we are so uh… what is your opinion when it
comes to it she meal scott britain them up fourteen mails from uh… well you get there’s a lot of
things and watch tv on the night you know what to do with that statement is
the vital hotel or go to home uh… faded all like every single thing
on the pain is developing yet content and uh… city
what time it but basically signals the idea is that your heating and help what all this is ended specs but absent that day and hopefully you do not growth that have eighty you know to
teachers treaty days uh… traditionally there’s an cheat
meal a day or there’s a cheat day a week and some people do cheat weeks a month that she weeks could be tough because
you can get and you can really great d uh… you can uh… resume you it’s a bad
habit after uh… eating seven days straight for a
or whatever your week is friday straight up uh… to sail to prove you can get into
a car so she pays scott uh… melodic some
people don’t know about two days following two days and what it’s
designed to do cpas with the list is very very good cds is unique about that stuff that you like the eat you’re not when you’re on a diet so if you’re there you much of crap but what’s on the grocery store i really
want that there’s some mighty day i can eat that on it she gave us so we can buy you can
step in your you can step in and we did yet another thing is that you be healthy
american reasons why the strict diets that work while you’re on there but that in there
so tough to keep that they don’t back to you this week in a way back and she gave her to give some look for
to throughout the week and you can also have your cheek baby or
off day which i do suggest you have a rest day and then he calls put it on your
heaviest lifting their right after this meeting day just the idea is a short period of of
that long healthy streak so the whole week you’re healthy short period of that uh… you you you know whatever you want
to satisfy any kind of clinton may have and also helps spiking tablets in a
little bit to wherever you guys to get used to be a
big hit with so uh… sucking ninety ext it was because
it isn’t crazy stuff because i used to spikes metabolism received more bad news
when there’s a lot of cardio involved story and then of course uh… it relates to cheat meals and and that
you used to healthy your body wheaties that really nothing
new um… i mean you could use a healthy
diet all week long and then that uh… she mill right in the week
where it is scarce spike mathausen backpacking shock discovered a happy to go to that visited there at yet vanity i just had a
african scrumptious sweden whiskey partner from read about it their bedrooms are so the and uh… and also fit well because
uh… that they’d been the network the full full-screen network that where they
were part of it medicare paid for it for you so that a
sitter uh… deciduous augusta sc rather than i
am personally subscribe to them and they have some simple stuff and i
mean i’m a big fan of meat whenever cd universal divers amina makes some but that’s on the list
of stuff on then how well the that myself noaa prepare suffer when a com out of my
own the deadly to ninety two he says he knows a lot of this on the
balcony so it would you do stars are daily you
couple of what you mean for that to you on my ad-lib cheap days or an the next day or night flights are my al uh… diet again i’ll make of aren’t you
glad to chicken about to try to about a fish and all said and i am i
freeze for the whole weekend meant to type programs so i’ll be ready for each
day rights they’re prepared prepared okay i
guess one thing it’s the watching scott tribes
so that the other as a fix the time throws out sorted takin so we need something unique that’s got
to do uh… might just leave the thrust him
into some awkward situations and whatever he says
may become a chronic but uh… nonetheless guys please
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where people searching for so please support us as we try to make this
uh… really a full-time career full-time job and hopefully we’ll get some more
excited to be issued us coast guard said about alright what’s goodbye fitness out out what all this is intolerable for well re and with dot are doing for u

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