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sup muscle & strength this is IFBB pro Iain Valliere we’re going to train some chest today we’re here new body dimensions in
Ottawa so you know I like to warm up kind of
move into the heavier weights as fast as I can
with still feeling adequately warmed up so yeah well after three we’ll see how we feel I do two sets that are maximum intensity
I’ll do one the maximal load kind of in like 7 to 10 range and I’ll back off the
weight you get a little more volume in or keep the volume the same cause I’ve
obviously exhausted some energy on that first set so this is usually a movement that I would save
for later in a workout this is more isolated especially using the cables too
but I find after doing that compound you know something like the incline
press something like this to really squeeze and get some blood in there
after that feels really good and then we’ll move on to some more pressing but
I’ll generally do it with either these if there’s a good set up like this is a
good gym cuz it’s not very busy when you’re trying to take like full cable units
like this in a more busy gym I will probably stick with like a incline
dumbbell fly it’s a little easier to to do but in a place like this where it’s
quiet I like to do it just when I have the opportunity to do so that’s what’s called a rest-pause
technique so what we did essentially I guess similar in concept in an
intensifier to like a drop set the load remains the same so you keep the work
with them the most load possible for the longest duration whereas a drop set when
you take that break you lower the load to keep the reps the same this we might
get a little less reps every time we’re maintained that heavier loads if I do 10 reps of this which is
submaximal I can easily do five five plates with this for seven to ten reps
who knows if I go and do ten reps of this twelve reps whatever I’ve now
exhausted myself and taken away reps from my maximal set so instead I’ll just
prime my muscle feel the weight and increase the load so I mean I did two
plates here three plates four plates felt the weight felt I could go heavier
and I’ll work up to the max weight without exhausting myself in the least
so we’ll get to five I’m now fresh I haven’t wasted you know energy doing
four plates three plates of set of ten twelve that are going to take away
energy from that maximal set and now I might get one rep two extra reps out of
that five plates and I think two reps out of five plates is going to leave a
lot more than doing a couple of warm-up sets once I’ve done the maximal load I can
for the maximum amount of reps I did I did five plates for as many reps as I
could and I didn’t waste any energy prior to that that set’s done you
know I’m done with that weight I mean all I’m gonna get out of that is that if
I try and do five again what I might get four reps five reps so we’ll lower it so
the volume is not too low and we’ll get another you know keep the form good keep
the execution good so I’m getting a good contraction on those you know get a
little higher keep it in that same rep range that you know seven to 12 range it’s more the pronation you know and
that you’re still getting that fly motion I’m not letting my arms like
extend way out and just putting it straight on my biceps so that way I get to
work a little bit more load I was inclining four plates but my chest
wasn’t growing or flat benching five plates but my chest wasn’t growing you
know even though it was strong from a strength weight moving perspective you
know it my chest didn’t reflect that in terms of how it looked so you know I
kind of had to go back to the drawing board and and change my execution of the
movements and then work back up to the loads that I was used to working with
that proper execution so you know I think the biggest exercise wise though
is definitely with the primary focus on the incline movement so you know the
incline press the incline fys you know to me not many people lack the lower
chest you see lots of guys they got under chest but it’s that roundness that
top to bottom fullness and roundness I think most guys are lacking I guess almost simulates like a
locked-in dumbbell fly so you’re moving through a non locked plane range of motion
so you’re not locked in like a barbell or your remaining in the same vertical
plane like that you know you’re getting that inward contraction which is really
good for any the chest movements but you’re locked in a machine setting so
it’s really good though you get a really nice contraction and you don’t need much
weight for it and it’s adjustable you can go decline incline flat so next we’re gonna do a dip so I mean a
dip is a movement you can really do both for chest or for tricep training really
the only difference between the two for me is the angle at which you’re you’re
leaning so you want to do focus more on the triceps I try and stay more upright
keep the elbows tucked in the side and you’re driving through the triceps keep
your weight over the elbow over the tricep you want to do it for your chest
you’re leaning forward a bit putting that over the chest and trying to
squeeze your elbows into your chest and give it more of a lower chest lower PEC
contraction thanks for watching that was my chest
workout be sure to subscribe below

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  2. What do you guys think about his physique? Why he cannot win a pro show? 🤔

    He is one of the most conditioned guy, got size, and all. 😔💪🏼

  3. I'm not sure why people are worried about what others put in their body!!
    Just an Fyi BODYBUILDING IS A SPORT!! Just like kicking a ball in soccer is their sport!! Steroids is something they have to do to compete in that soprt!! Unless your a natural bodybuilder. If you're just walking around on ROIDS to look good then I would say your an idiot!!

  4. Hell yeah at last lain the future of bodybuilding……really happy to see him workout . More workout and nutrition videos of him…..I am a huge fan of lain. Best job muscle and strength…….More lain videos….

  5. It seems like alot of Pros like to use suicide grip on barbells… blah blah more chest activation one day that weight is gonna drop

  6. Awesome. Short and on point just before my chest workout 💪 P.S. Ian, if you’re reading, please check your instagram DM from @stanimirmihov, thanks 🙌:)

  7. Look at this guy. Lifting to fail and still pumps it. I'm hearing alot about not going to failure it will cause atrophy and limit results. As you can see going all out give intensive results.

  8. That suicide grip got me thinking that bar can drop at any minute it scares me because I saw a guy drop 405 on himself and it was terrible.

  9. Guy is huge enough, all he needs is conditioning and separation.
    Hey M&S i saw your cameraman on Regan Grimes channel

  10. Def potential here! Don't stop, smart training and good diet and doing the business, in time could easily be one of the greats! Great canvas on which to pile on all that mass! We love it! Keep it up man…

  11. Lain is going to be top 5 on the Olympia stage in a few years. He’s way younger than the top Pros, with more muscle maturity and continuing to work on his weak points, he’s going to be a fucking beast on stage for years to come.

  12. 𝐷𝑜 𝑎 𝑓𝑢𝑙𝑙 𝑑𝑎𝑦 𝑜𝑓 𝑒𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑣𝑖𝑑𝑒𝑜 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑠𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑡 💪🏽💪🏽

  13. This guy didn't have symmetry you can be huge but somebody else Les heavy weight win from hem that's why he became number 5 or 4 but not number 1 .huge arms but bad back huge leg but not enough separation lose huge not enough big

  14. Seems like a nice guy but the amount of juice and enhancers he is on will certainly fuck him up, probably liver or heart failure.

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