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classes physique is where I come from is
where Arnold Robby Frank Zane that is classic physique they say physique but
it’s really classic bodybuilding bodybuilding season and how does a
person decide if they’re ready to compete people can get any competing you can’t
be any expectation on it to win that’s another subject to thinking you’re going
in to win because any competition you do no matter how accomplished or developed
your you may not win but if you’re at a stage in their life where you’re ready
the best of time you go to the training the exercise you got to give yourself
enough time to prepare and having someone advise you what it takes to do
competition was again we got our show I got two shows coming up this year 2019
mostly September to 14 and they meet monthly classic November 9th and he
bipedal doing these shows we have novice level we have junior level open that we
have masters and we have bikini picker bodybuilding classic Jeep
Linc’s a lot of different competitions that may fit people at different stages
of their development so main thing you need to have because decide you let you
compete is the desire that you have desire it can’t be pushed by someone
else won’t used to do and yet you will in the best of time and
you can’t go in thinking I get a lot of people come to me well I don’t want to
compete that someone will win and that’s something that no one knows and women is
all relevant you could be in a competition and win the first place
because she’s only one of the division are you bit of competition and placing
10th and look great actually been competing for many many
years so one your mindset of someone that wants to compete after me that
there will the best of time that they’re realistic about what it takes and found
out what the criteria is and pursued that division in in so many different
divisions yeah Ken you have figured out women’s physique you have men’s
bodybuilding and then try some Shipman’s men’s physique so depending on what your
goal is and where you are right now and the time
you’ve invested in working out giving yourself the opportunity to stand on
stages sometimes suggest any one side of it hopefully you’d like the information
I gave you today and please subscribe to my channel and you can contact me but
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