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9 thoughts on “Bodybuilding documentary — INSPIRED Episode 4

  1. great video very inspirational with yourself and justin especially for myself being the same age , it shows age is just a number i hope you do more videos series with the gen-tec team especially eg. ben wortly etc which ever competitors is getting ready for a show.

  2. I’m really happy to see you posing with Rolley, you were in your full conditioning Justin. Thank you for this video 😊

  3. I'm sorry Nick I don't agree with the judges your conditioning was way above the others bodybuilding is about conditioning or am I wrong you said you weren't disappointed but hell I was I had you first anyway well done

  4. Nick It wasn’t just condition you had them on. You were the most complete. Especially from the rear. Don’t agree at all with the judging. Real inspiration!!

  5. Nice one Nick, the guy that won is a bit of a genetic freak, his waist is so small and his arms were very thick giving the illusion of size and symmetry, hard to beat. Your conditioning was impressive to say the least.

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