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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
and, and I’ve been getting a lot of requests for this video
because it is the start of Ramadan which for those of you who don’t know, is a period
in the Islamic calendar where Muslims basically fast throughout the day, with no food and
also no water between dawn and sunset. Now, I do have a lot of subscribers and readers
out there who are Muslim and so I always get a lot of questions about this before and during
Ramadan, where I’m basically asked if it’s possible to continue gaining muscle or losing
fat during this period, or if the focus should just be on maintaining, and what the best
way to go about it is. So the short answer is that if you structure things properly and
you stick to it, then there’s really no reason at all why you can’t, not only maintain
the results you’ve achieved so far but also continue making muscle building and fat burning
progress even with that fasting period in place throughout the day. It might not be
100% optimal for some people, but there’s no question at all that you can continue to
make progress during Ramadan. All it really comes down to is knowing what your calorie
and your macronutrient needs are for your specific goal, so whether you’re trying
to bulk or cut, and then just laying out your food intake so that you’re able to hit those
needs within the time frames that you are able to eat. We already know from research
that eating frequent meals throughout the day is not necessary in order to maximize
muscle growth or fat loss, overall 24 hour intake is by far the most important factor,
and when it comes to the issue of bodybuilding Ramadan can basically just be looked at as
a form of intermittent fasting. And that’s a dieting approach that a lot of people use
successfully all year round as a way of losing fat and gaining muscle. So there’s really
not much to it, just allot your food intake to the hours before dawn and after sunset,
if that means that you might have to alter your schedule slightly then that’s something
to take into account, and since you can’t consume any water during the regular day,
I would recommend that you move your workout into one of the “feeding periods” so that
you can stay hydrated and because in terms of maximizing training performance as well
as preserving muscle tissue I don’t think that intense fasted training followed by no
post workout nutrition at all, I don’t think that’s going to be ideal for most people.
So I would say wake up, eat something, train, and then follow that up with a meal or two
as well as plenty of water to carry you through the day, or, do the same thing but just later
at night. The only possible challenge here might be that if you’re bulking and you
do have higher calorie needs and you find it difficult to consume all of your food in
those smaller feeding windows. If that’s the case then there are a few strategies that
you can use in order to get as many calories in as possible in a smaller volume of food
while still meeting your nutritional needs, and I’ll post a link in the description
box below to a post that I did where I cover that topic in more detail. If you’re cutting
then this really shouldn’t be an issue because your overall calories are going to be lower
and you’re not going to be consuming a high volume of food anyway. So, there’s really
not much more to say, it’s ultimately pretty straightforward, just move your food intake
into the two feeding periods, move your workout into whichever of those two periods is more
convenient for you, and if you’re serious about your goals and you do need to alter
your schedule slightly by possibly waking up a bit earlier or staying up later, then
that’s just something that you’ll have to do your best with during this period. And
in the end, remember that Ramadan is only 30 days long, which is not a big deal in the
overall picture, it’s basically 4 weeks that you’re dealing with here, so even if
for some reason you can’t stick to your plan 100%, it’s still not going to have
much of a noticeable negative effect if any at all, in the grand scheme. So thanks for
watching, I hope you found this Q&A useful. If you want to get my complete step-by-step
roadmap for building muscle and losing fat in the most efficient way possible then you
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56 thoughts on “Bodybuilding During Ramadan

  1. Really good video thanks for the info.

    In the UK its around 19 hours of fasting. Eating time is between 9.35 and 2.10 so the eating period here is just one really. For the past two days I've done a short workout before breaking the fast. And today a hour of football which was fine as it was cool and cloudy. But that is the plan to work out just before opening the fast, nothing intense but something.

  2. Awesome video!I know several guys that do it,and they do make gains,but thirst is a problem during the summer months.

  3. would you do video about difference between normal cutting and mini cutting ? thank you sean have a good day !

  4. Hey sean, I'm a 16 year old bodybuilder and in trying to bulk. My caloric maintenance level is around 2750 and I'm adding a 450 caloric surplus. Going to the gym 5 days a week with a push,pull, legs split and I'm eating the correct amounts of each macro for my bulk. However, I do not seem to be gaining half a pound-1 pound of mass per week, in fact, I'm am staying the same weight. Do you know what's going wrong?

  5. Hmm, good video. However, most fitness YouTubers do not realise that Ramadan is more than not being able to eat and drink, there are prayer times to consider (which shorten the eating window) as well as other things. You have to experience and understand Ramadan to know what it actually takes.

  6. UPDATE: A few people have mentioned that they only have a single feeding window available (as short as 4 hours) and that there are also many other things that take place during Ramadan (such as lengthy prayer times), which admittedly I don't know all the details of.

    Losing fat effectively during Ramadan should still not be an issue despite this, since your calories will be lower and you can use the help of a protein powder in order to meet your protein needs if you do only have a short eating window available.

    That said, if you are bulking and despite your very best efforts are not able to consume sufficient calories to maintain a surplus, then yes, you may need to simply consider this as a maintenance period until the 29-30 days is up.

    Or, another option is to treat this month as a "mini cutting" period, and intentionally go into a deficit (while making sure to hit protein needs and continuing to train) in order to lose some fat. After all, even if your ultimate goal is to bulk up, I don't think anyone out there is opposed to being leaner if it's possible, and if you do things properly then you can easily drop a few pounds of fat during this period.

    And again, remember that this is only about 4 weeks long, so regardless of whether you attempt to continue bulking, maintain, or lose fat, it's still a very short time in the overall picture.

    Hope this helps and if anyone has anything to add please reply here so others can see it.

  7. When I'm working out I get dizzy within 15 mins. I use to work out everyday 1hour-2hour. Now I can just train for 30mins Max.

  8. I'm impressed to see many youtube fitness channels do reviews and give tips for bodybuilders who are fasting in Ramadan (muslim bodybuilders)

  9. Im a full-time student. And I work after school. Usually i workout during mu school. So is it a good idea to workout during the day in ramadan?

  10. Hi im a Muslim i just maintain my physics even though i can gain muscle..but still i make my body relax in this month …
    Its easy guys i eat at night and drink as well as i m doing now its 2:40 am and again i will eat later at 4:20 am …as in ramdan it will be holidays so i sleep in night and at after noon as well like 8/10 hrs……
    Thanks sir for this friendly and helpfull video .peace out 🙂

  11. Some people on Youtube have said its okay/good to workout 1-2 hours before we break our fasts and then have enough time to get our calorie intake . Would you recommend this?

  12. What im doing is, Using ramadan to lose fat and put on a cut and just gain muscle. This is perfect because after ramadan when you go on a bulk, you can avtually get alot bigger then u were before with LEAN MUSCLE MASS.

  13. Sean really appreciate your effort to help us with the best of your knowledge. This was really helpful. I do agree that working out in the fasted state would not be favourable for most people due to high levels of cortisol from no water intake and low energy.

  14. Many people still believe all Muslim are criminals, that hurt me hearing that… is all prisoners in the word are Muslims? criminals does not belong to any religion ( they are crazy individuals or mental gangs). if anyone fasting there you can proceed you workout after ending your fasting time. never expect this video from you Sean, i am IT student from Malaysia, i am following your videos since long time & help me a lot during my workout (Big Thanks Sean) keep rocking …

  15. cutting is great but i only weight 66 kg ! and don't that many fat , what do you guys eat to get ur calories during ramadan ? something that is not to heavy but has a good amount of calories ?

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