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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’ll be performing here is the barbell
preacher bicep curl. As you see, you want to bring the weight down slowly, not to quickly.
Bring it up, flex the bicep, you don’t want to hold it up on top too long. Just a good
flex, right back down, a good stretch at the bottom. And you want to continue this motion
for about eight repetitions, and you want to do about three to four sets. Now, you don’t
want the weight to be too heavy because you do want proper form. Because if the weight
is too heavy you might find yourself using your shoulders. You kind of bring the weight
back, you might find yourself using your back and other body parts you’re not trying to
work out at the moment. So, again, come straight on the bicep, good enough weight to control.
Bring it down slowly, flex it on top, rush as much blood as you can to the muscle to
give it a good pump. And that’s how you do the preacher barbell bicep curl.

31 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Barbell Preacher Biceps Curls

  1. Great vid! I 've been using the EZ bar. Would the straight bar be better? or both?
    Thanks for taking the time; nice biceps!

  2. what kind of dips your doing. Dips are tricep workout. You may feel a little bit in the chest but you should feel it mostly on the triceps

  3. @BaPkLs maing it bigger in every direction you said. That means you can make it bigger horizontally wich is ,making it thick so um what?

  4. what i wanna know is the height of the dam chair, cuz thats probably my only issue with this workout.

  5. @JustinBieiber i was wondering if 20kg is good enuuf ot build muscle mass for an 17 year old who is new to weight lifting

  6. @BaPkLs

    That's also what I believe. You can maybe lengthen SOME muscles a bit by stretching every day, but in the end, most muscles are shaped genetically. Just like when you have short calves, you're not gonna fix that, no matter how much you stretch em. It's just genetics.

  7. @lokrenzo

    What matters is that you use weight with which you can do 6 to 15 reps, which makes your muscle fail in that rep range. Fail means you can't get the weight up fully anymore. That's what matters for you. The last set out of 3-4 or so, you wanna go till muscle failure. That's intensity causes micro tears in your muscles, causing your body to (if your nutrition+rest is in check) overcompensate, making the muscles grow.

  8. I bet this guy is doing the reps superslow just for the video and I wanna bet he does em way faster when he's alone in the gym. 1-2 second rep speed is fine as well, as long as the intensity and the control is there. It's about causing micro tears in the muscles, not about doing super slow boring repetitions.

  9. I always have wrist pain after i set down the barbell after any exercise im doing with it is this normal and will it go away?

  10. "here ill be performing the barbell………preacher……..bicep curl."
    "and thats how you do the preacher…….barbell……..bicep curl."

    dam is it that hard to memorize the name of an exercise

  11. @BaPkLs are you saying that the grip shouldnt be wide or narrow just normal cause you cant make it bigger?

  12. @BaPkLs , i understand what you mean but you can increase the thickness, width and height of any muscle. 2 examples: for chest you can increase the thickness of it by doing dumbell curls and you can increase the width by doing dumbell flys. for bicep you can increase the height by doing concentration curls, arnold and a few other pro's said that the concentration curl is the best exercise to increase the height of your bicep. when you're size increase, the thickness automatically increases πŸ™‚

  13. 12 oz curls are more effective. at least they do something.
    seriously, 99% of people watching this would be better off doing squats. lets hear some arguments all you arm shaving gym fruits!

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