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Ok, what I’m going to perform now is, Behind
the Neck Barbell Shoulder Press. So you want to bring the barbell slowly down, behind the
neck, and press it back up, at the same tempo. Control it, and you want to be careful with
this exercise. You don’t want to strain your neck, so you don’t want to pull a heavy weight.
Just a good enough weight, for you to have enough tension on the shoulders. You want
to do between eight to ten reps, three to four sets. They also call this, The Military
Press Behind the Neck, so you want to again, control the tempo. Lower the weight behind
the neck. Press it up, and squeeze the shoulders, throughout the exercise. When you bring it
up, and when you lower it, you want to keep on squeezing the shoulders, and that’s how
you perform, The Behind the Neck Barbell Press.

65 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Behind the Neck Shoulder Press

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  2. When you get big, you cant go the far down behind the neck. My shoulder would be so fucked if I went down that far. he kinda left that part out…

  3. actually, if u do it on the front, it will work the anterior parts of the deltoid with synergistic action from the pecs. But its probably safer to do it down the front.

  4. I do these myself and I rbing tehw eight down lower let the weight tap the tops of my shoulders not the neck… be warned, you have to be careful pushing yourself with this exercise because you could easily injury your neck. I know because I've done it myself.

  5. @chrisdotwynn i actualyy agree, behind the neck press are great for the shoulders but they are like a ticking time bomb , i just strained my shoulder from doing it all these years so im still recovering but when i get back it's definetley out of my workout

  6. Same benefits as goin in front. Behind the head has more detrimental effects. If you must go behind the head go light.

  7. I've had a nagging shoulder injury ever since I had a strenuous behind-the neck lift as well, its really not worth it to have a potentially life-long injury just find some alternative lift.

  8. The best thing is to do these on Smith Machines or not, Don't go completely go all the way down til you touch your neck. Its probable that you'll mess up your rotary cuff. That how people injure there shoulders. Just touch down right at the ears behind your head and go back up. It works better and improved weak point strength.

  9. @PowerHackerZ theres no good way to do these anyway without risking injury, it's a terrrrrible exercise.

  10. DON'T do this with big weights cause you fk up your shoulders.
    Or the better thing, get someone to help you from behind.
    Or the even better thing don't do this at all.

  11. it's not military press !
    Military press is barbell front of you.
    this barbell press behind neck !

  12. no one at 13 can press 260 behind the neck unless ur one of those freaks in which case ur gonna die in 5 years or stop getting stronger

  13. NO, NO, NO! This is an exercise that you should NEVER do! Ask any Orthopedic surgeon, Physical Therapist or Physio therapist and they will explain what Impingement syndrome and contraindication is and why it leads to a torn rotator cuff or any of a number of glenohumeral injuries.

  14. With all do respect Sir Brad, I guess your wrist is not looking very well with that positioning that your doing, just a thought.

  15. I agree, ya gotta be careful with this. Middle delts respond well to high rep sets. My preference and advice is light weight and high reps…12-16, and I never let my elbows go below parallel. Seen lots of people straining through sets on the smith machine with too much weight and bad form.

  16. @PowerHackerZ , yeah you're right, some people have that grip while doing bench press with heavy weights as well and end up having wrist strains and problems.

  17. Great exercise when i started doing this i could only do 95 lbs and in 1 month and a half my shoulders have gotten bigger and now i could do 110 lbs, and. Dont have any injuries or problems while doing this workout

  18. This works out the Anterior and Medial deltoid, front and mid. His wrist is angled like that so he can focuse more on the press. Would not use if going heavy. This movement will be used with less weight then the front press. Also this is good to put your muscles in shock if all you do is the front press with the barbell. I feel it slightly more in the mid delt with the behind the head comparing it to the front press.

  19. Are you really suggesting that this guy takes drug (steroids) ? This guy is natural and he is not even that big. wow some people

  20. What eastwood1111mod said is correct. Besides, stretch marks has nothing to do with taking steroids or something lmao. Some people gain weight naturally fast (doesn't matter if it's muscle or fat) and that can cause stretch marks.

  21. I was waiting for the SNAP sound. I think anyone willing to do behind the head shoulder presses/lat pulldowns/pullups is a complete idiot.

  22. can someone answer my question please !!! i really need to work on my rear shoulders !!! and would this workout help ?

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  26. I absolutely love this exercise. I've been doing for the past 2 years and my shoulders have doubled in size ๐Ÿ™‚ No problems what so ever. I'd love to see what shape all these "critics" are in.

  27. weight is not important ryt?? it could be light weight even noh?? it is possible to build muscles through light weight like him with the proper technique?? can someone tell me please??

  28. Light weight can get you muscle and you will see your muscle coming but if you want it to be bigger you need to lift heavier and smarter

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