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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

At the moment right now I’m going to go ahead
and perform the traditional bench press. As you can see, I have tacked on the weight just
to play it safe. I didn’t feel like showing off today. Ok, here we go. You want to bring
the weight down slowly. Make sure you stretch out the chest. Bring it up with a good squeeze.
You want to make sure your feet are flat down on the ground. You want to make sure your
back and shoulders are against the bench. Some things that people do that are not good
are that they go ahead and put their feet on top of the bench. You do not want to do
that because if the weight gets to heavy you can push your feet against the ground to help
you push the weight from your chest. You want to do about eight to ten reps and three to
four sets and that’s how you do the bench press.

45 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Bench Press

  1. Bench presses form stronger shoulders… Shoulder muscles include both those next to your neck, the front, and back. Yeah.

  2. if u can bench more than u weight , than that means u r good.
    k i have a question, why do some people dont touch there chest with the bar, and some others dont go all the way up? can some 1 explain

  3. His arms are not wide enough. They should be around the groove line marks on the bar,at least covering them anyway.This video is shite.

  4. Rubbish, whats the point in only half doing an exercise. You lower the bar all the way down slowly, being careful not to bounce the bar off the chest. Also you keep your arse and legs where they are, rock steady. You do not lift your ass and turn it into a decline bench nor do you do a ballet dance with your feet. Remember the Golden rule…….LIght if its right…You will not make gains cheating and putting on more than you are capable of lifting.

  5. Wrong, your the idiot. There is no way you could do say a set of chest followed by a set of shoulder exercises. You seriously risk overtraining the upper body in one hit and risk injury. Rotator cuffs would take an awful pounding. Even high reps of a light weight would not be good. I would not like your physio bills.

  6. umm..for the past 2 years i've been doing just fine. I do my chest, my and shoulders every monday, Wednesday, and friday. On the rest of the days i do my back and occasionally my legs, and then i run for 30minutes a day. This might be unbelievable and i'm done arguing with people but i'm 15 and i'm benching 315, my results are very good. I have already heard my rotator cuff from a fight and i'm still doing just fine. If i'm over training then wth are my results?

  7. YOur body takes around 7 days to heal from training a muscle group. Rest and diet are just as important as exercise. Important to do your legs every week as you do not want them to look like strands of string hanging down if your upper body gets big. I believe you are over training and you may not pay for it today, but your body will one day say enough is enough. . Also do not do steroids, they destroy your body big time. I do not do them and never will..

  8. ….wow, and i guess scientists and studies are all wrong to your superiority. Yes PaulBriden is god, no…48 hours is all it takes. READ IT ON GOVERNMENT STUDIES, it only takes 48 HOURS. That is not over training, people that work out once a week i notice have NO gains AT ALL. Ive seen them sitting there working there ass of once or 2 times a week and they come back and do the same weight for the whole year, and maybe go up 10llbs. Me? I went from 225 max bench to 315 in 4 months.

  9. For me, the enough is enough is when my genetics can't make me grow anymore. My body won't give out unless i'm like 50 years old, and obviously i would not take steriods. Steriods cause shrinking of balls, the make of breasts and makes your voice go higher and can destroy your body completely. If I'm over training then i guess results from getting stronger means people are over training, it takes probably 7 days to COMPLETELY heal to the point where nothing ever happened but 48hours is enough

  10. it depends on the type of workout you're doing. if you're doing a 5 or so day split and completely destroying the muscle on those days it may take up to (or maybe even over) 5 days to get the muscle and CNS back to where it should be.

  11. whats the difference between grabin the bar from the inside
    and grabing it from the outside? like wide grip

  12. how do i subscribe to see all of your videos..i hit subscribe, but when i go look at it..i shows me all kinds of ipad videos…WTF..please subcribe me

  13. Dude i also put my legs high. Its to help out your back you idiot. Dont act like its all wrong cuz its still the same pressure youll feel. Imo , putting ya legs higher is even harder than letting them @ the ground. fu imo đŸ™‚

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  17. This guy is fucking horrible at explaining stuff. If you're not gonna do it right, don't do it at all cuz there's people who are gonna copy your awful form. You said nothing about slightly arching your back, tucking the shoulder back, your grip is too fucking close, and your cocking your wrists back like an idiot. If someone were to use heavy weight doing that they would fuck their wrists up really quick.

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