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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’ll be performing now, is the bent over
tricep extension. Which, some of us gym rats call it the kick back. What you do here is,
again like the elbow is glued to side. You pretty much kick the dumbbell back. When you
bring it back, you don’t want to bring it up too far or you don’t leave too much tension
on the tricep. So, you want to kick it back. Stretch it out. Squeeze the tricep. Bring
it in, stop at about ninety degrees and continue that motion. You want to do about three sets,
eight to ten reps. Again, concentrate on that tricep. Give it a good squeeze. Ninety degree
angle, stop right there. You don’t want to swing the dumbbell. Because, you’re definitely
taking out the tension off the tricep. Just control the weight. Alright. And, you continue
this and then you switch off to the next arm. And, that’s pretty much how you do the bent
over tricep extension.

29 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Bent Over Triceps Extension

  1. can any body suggest me good sets for triceps workout.
    these days m doing these
    1 over the hand two hand dumbell
    2.Bent Over Triceps Extension(above ex.)
    3.triceps dips

    plz suggest something, coz i feel like m missing something here!!!

    and one more question when should Forearm Reverse Dumbbell Curls be done, after biceps or triceps???

  2. I was thinking the same thing. At first I was feeling like a dumbass thinking that these are kickbacks lol.

  3. For the triceps you can add the diamond pushup, head crushers (look it up on here) and the above is actually one arm kickbacks. Also mix it up and do different things every two weeks that is what works for me.

  4. nah man i cant agree with that I mean the first thing to get a burn when doing shoulder press or push ups is my sholders and triceps. Its like saying pull ups are not good for biceps… if it wasnt for the bicep burn i could do 5+ times more reps. Its not dumb really its just not an isolated tricep workout.

  5. yeh the triceps r getting a better workout because they r trying to help work out a stronger muscle. Anyone will tell u its a great workout for the triceps

  6. oh come on man dont get pissy lol

    what im saying is that ur chest is a very strong muscle.. much stronger than ur triceps and so during bench press ur triceps are gona be pushed until they cant go anymore in order to work ur chest. I do lots of tricep workouts e.g. dips, overhead tricep extentions etc. Im just saying ur triceps will get a great workout from bench press because its pushing them to their limits in order to work a stronger muscle.

  7. For some reason i can't do this excercise no matter howmuch i try, i can't get the form correct, i always end up using my arm or shoulder, can't concentrate on just moving the elbow, i have no idea why! i've tried & tried!

  8. @TheonlyPharaoh1 I agree with doing free weights. Much better. Machines are only good if your limited due to injury or something. I don't even do bent over triceps extensions anymore. not effective enough in my book

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