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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Alright. What I’m going to be demonstrating
is the bicep hammer curls. The way you perform this exercise, I’ve actually got two ways
of performing it. I’ll just show you the first. You want to bring it up to your side. Again,
as you see you’re holding it like a hammer. Which, is different from a regular bicep curl.
So, you want to bring it up. Flex the bicep, control it bringing it down. Again, you want
to do about three sets to about eight to ten reps. So, you want to do it in the hammer
action. As you can see, it works in the inside of the biceps. And, that’s pretty much the
area that you’re concentrating on. Also, what it does is that it adds fullness to the bicep.
Another way to do the bicep hammer curl, is you can bring it in front of you. So, just
bring it up. Alternate it. When you come up you want to squeeze that bicep. Again, it’s
forming the inside of the bicep. And, you want to alternate it. And, that’s the basic
way of doing bicep hammer curls.

98 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Biceps Hammer Curls

  1. Yes Your working your Biceps here, has nothing to do with what your legs are doing. As long as its a controlled motion and your geting that bicep strech its all good

  2. i no exactly wat u mean vish. Ive been wondering how to increase width of the bicep too. no just length and height. i dont really know too many exercises for that…

  3. When he says 3 sets of 12 reps dose that mean do 12 then rest then more or do 12 then do a different exercise?

  4. Your supposed to do 10 reps at a weight that you would fail at around 11 or 12 reps. So by the third set you actually fail by the 10th rep.

  5. sorry bro, you need to keep your elbows in the same position throughout the whole motion, or else you wont get the same isolation for M.biceps brachii + you should have different speed on eccentric and concentric fase of the exercise

  6. if u do that it just means 1 arm will be strengthened more than the other, which can ruin it. because if one is strogner than it takes the same amount of time for the other to catch up, but then the other might run stale

  7. @Bly86 No, almost all curls work primarily the inside of the bicep. However, you can put more of the focus on the outer bicep by doing incline curls. But you cannot 100% isolate either inner or outer, it is impossible.

  8. WRONG AGAIN! This guy is the absolute worst instructor on You Tube! This exercise is not done for the "inside of the biceps". Neutral elbow flexion de-emphasizes the biceps. It emhasizes your brachioradialis. It is a brachioradialis exercise. This idiot keeps saying "the hammer style", because he is unfamiliar with the term "neutral wrist". If giving out misinformation was a crime, this guy would be doing hard time.

  9. he's a black man and is supposed to talk like a gangster and look tough! but instead he sounds like a goodie too shoes lol. c'mon dawg…

  10. @Exicuton More or less like this guy's biceps. I have the size, I've just never had the the workout smarts. I can achieve a decent bulky build, but I've never been as toned as this guy.

  11. @ThaOneChrisJONES Yes, this actually works more the brachiallis, muscle that pushes the biceps to create the peak!

  12. @ProJectMuslceGain Thanks for the info. Yeah I've been doing both 2 times a week. Im starting to see some results but at the moment all I have are 25s ( don't have the best equipment at the moment ) and I know I can go bigger than that. If I up the weights to 45 lbs and rock 4 sets of 10 – 12 reps I should be able hammer out some nice results.

  13. Omg don't listen to this bloke!
    For a start, 3 sets fo 8… Who's that for???
    Secondly it does not work the "inside" of the biceps… What I think he was trying to say was the biceps brachi, it works the Brachialis which is the outer head of the biceps, which as he explained gives fullness to the bicep
    Thirdaly, do not do them in front of your body, you will end up kyphotic having round shoulders, therefore back problems, inturn making you lordotic… Please watch someone else!!

  14. @Steppintimes Bicep has virtually nothing to do with arm wrestling. Arm wrestling is forearm, wrist and pure technique.

  15. @ThaOneChrisJONES yes this works mostly on brachoradialis, google it. you should do both because it works on a different muscle close to the bicep

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