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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’m going to demonstrate right now, is
the concentration bicep curl. Now, you definitely don’t want the weight to be too heavy for
this particular exercise. Mainly, it’s called concentration bicep curls because when you
bring it up you really want to concentrate on the bicep. Give it a good squeeze. Bring
it down slowly, give it a good stretch. And, a good squeeze. Now, with this particular
exercise you can bring it all the way down to stretch it fully. But, still when you bring
it up you don’t want to bring it all the way up. Because, you don’t want the bicep to rest
too much. You still want to put some tension on that. You want to do about three sets to
about ten reps of these. You can also change the handle on this. You want to go ahead and
you can do hammer concentration curls. This again, position that as if you’re holding
a hammer. Bringing it up, squeezing the bicep. And, then bringing it down and completely
stretching it out. And, this is the way you do bicep concentration curls.

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