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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Now what I’m going to perform here is the
cross over lunges. Now you can do it without the weight or you can do it with the weight,
I’m just going to perform it without the weight because it is a exercise that’s kind of difficult
to do if you don’t have the form down. Now what you’re going to do is pretty much keep
your upper body facing forward while you’re doing this movement. You’re going to take
one leg cross it over the other and then you’re going to push it off to get back to the beginning
position, and then you’re going to switch off cross over again keeping your front body
facing forward; push back. The great thing about this exercise is that it develops the
outside of your quad by developing the outside of your quad for a lot of those body builders
that are looking for a bigger quads it gives it a good sweep. Now one thing that you do
not want to do like yourself; be possibly doing is knee touching the ground, that’s
something you don’t want to do; make sure your knee doesn’t touch the ground and continue
to do the cross over properly, and push back to beginning position and that’s how you do
cross over lunges.

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