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What I’m going to perform is a Deadlift. Now,
you do have the choice to put your hands over, or even both under, or you can have one over,
or one under. I prefer one over, one under. So you want to pretty much lift off, from
your legs, not your back, so push up from the ground. Then, you want to not exactly
throw your back, but kind of squeeze it backwards. When you bring it down, you want to keep an
arch on your lower back. Come down slowly with the weight, and then come right back
up, doing the same action. Again, you don’t want to have your back lift up the weight.
You want to lift it up from your legs, and then, squeeze your back, when you get to that
top position. And pretty much, that is how you perform a Deadlift.

34 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Dead Lifts

  1. This is a stiff leg or straight leg deadlift if anything.

    He says "lift off from your legs, not your back" a few times…but stands with a stiff leg position the entire time.

    Also, retards, he's using light weight to demonstrate the exercise. He doesn't have to go heavy to show people how to use proper form.

  2. the stiff legged deadlift is not for a lot of wight its not like deadlift when you can lift 400lbs easy

  3. the title of the video should be: How NOT to do a deadlift…. his form is terrible if you want to do a real deadlift

  4. Like the previous "poster" said.
    This video is completely inefectiv cuz of the camera angel. Really fki'n worthless haha.

  5. This guy looks like he's high and he's actin chill as fuck when he's talking look at the end of the video haha. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE.

  6. First of all, the plates are too small for a deadlift. This cause you to roll your back, thus cause serious injury. Too correct this, do box deadlifts or good-mornings. Having a strong back is huge when it comes to deadlifting.Another thing is that you actaully want to sink your ass as you extend your legs. Sounds difficult or different, but it's just a mind set.

  7. this isnt how to do a deadift. u have to go low in the starting posistion like you are doing a squat. but i suppose if u wanted to gve more empihsis on your back ten thi method is good.

  8. Carlton!! you're doing it all wrong…U need to squat down and up!!! I hope nobody broke their back after this video 🙁

  9. ROMAN DEAD LIFT. RDL. or really dumb lift. actually very good for you, but make sure you explain that you're doing not a REAL deadlift

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