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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Alright. What I’ll be performing here dumbbell
bicep preacher curl. Again, you want to pick a weight that’s not too heavy. Because, it
could cause injury to your bicep if it is. And, you want to pick one that’s not too light.
Because, if it was too light you won’t be putting any tension on that bicep. Now, what
you want to do is you want to bring it down. Control it. While you’re bringing it up, you
want to squeeze that bicep. You want to do a couple repetitions, about eight reps per
bicep. By that time, you should have pushed enough blood into that muscle to give it a
good pump. So, you want to then switch it to the other arm and exact same motion. Bring
it down controlled. Bring it up, flex the bicep. Again, you don’t want to bring it down
too fast. Because, again you want to keep a good tension on the bicep. You don’t want
to bring the dumbbell too far up, because you want to keep again the tension on that
bicep. And, you continue this for about three sets and again about eight to twelve reps
of bicep. And, that’s how you do a dumbbell bicep preacher curls.

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Dumbbell Bicep Preacher Curls

  1. Why not at least make an attempt to know what you're talking about before spouting off about things of which you know nothing.

    I neither said nor implied that curls present a high risk of rotator cuff injury. I was responding to someone else's comment about swinging kettelbells like a maniac.

  2. yeh thats true..dont go all the way really hurts the tendon in between ur bicep and me..happened to me..and i pulled my arm and I couldnt strecth it all the way for 3 days!!

  3. Yeah concentration curls and preacher curls REALLY show alot of definition fast. Ive always been strong and had large arms, but also had a small layer or fat over my biceps and you really coudlnt see much definition in my arms even though i was strong. After a few weeks of preachers it was really defined. This is a great exercise for biceps and definition, good video.

  4. no, you will overtrain the muscle and you will not gain any serious mass… Doing too much is counter-productive… You shouldnt really train biceps more than once a week in isolation, and once as part of a back workout (generally)

  5. No you shouldnt cause you need to rest your muscles, they dont grow while lifting weights they grow when you rest them.

    so do it every second day. 😉

  6. Not really. You should always give 36 – 48 hours before you work out the same muscle. Muscle fibers tear when you work them out. They grow and rebuild when you rest. If you dont give them enough time to rest you will deplete your muscle. Pro body builders work out once or twice a week!

  7. cant believe these people are trashing you for that comment. They didnt understand what you meant I think. Anyway, why would you do preacher curls one at a time when you can do them both at the same time?

  8. Hey vinesboyseventysix,

    I'm not sure if your comment was for me. But if it is:

    I see a lot of people in the gym working out the chest and their biceps everyday and I bad for them. For a chest to grow you need to work out your back to support chest growth – just like to build your biceps and triceps you need to work out your forearm to support your upper arm.

    Preacher curls are usually done both arms at once. Individually gives more focuses nothing else.

    Resting between workouts is vital!

  9. Help please

    How many sets with how many workouts should I have since i'm trying to put on weight?

    and also Thanks for all the help i've been getting from answers thank you

  10. Hey been looking at your videos and like the explanations, the thing is how do you know how much weight your dumbbells should have? What I've been doing is using 15lb dumbbells and I can do about 3 sets of about 15 reps and will have a little strength left, so should I increase the weight or keep it at that, don't know what to do.

  11. @JJSMACKS thats what my uncle told my, i used to work out everyday and get weeker everytime i whent in the gym, but now im working out 3 times a day, its just for the fact that people do not have patients.

  12. @matchless10000

    U mean l-glutamine cure the damage or injure muscles??? I got deltoid damage
    and I want to recover.. any idea ???

  13. If u use too heavy weight u just would not able to lift it……..when u use max U can lift whis way once, u can do forced negatives…and your biceps would not get any seriously injured…..only that way we wanna injure it….. so I think that first sentence is a bullshit a bit…. Ok..maybe for the beginners it would be dangerous..cause forced negatives are rather for the intermediate and advanced ones..

  14. Mon – Chest and Tri's
    Tue – Rest
    Wed – Back and Bi's
    Thu – Legs and Shoulders
    Fri – Rest
    Sat – Abs and Cardio
    Sunday – Rest

    That's what i use and its working so far 🙂 i try not to do Biceps and Triceps a day after each other as i think its to much on such small muscles, i did used to try and do a single muscle everyday but found it was hard to keep at it as it was very time consuming, so splitting it to 2 muscle groups a day is better for my timetable. Train,Eat,Rest = BIG results!

  15. How effective or preacher curls? I've heard ppl say they pointless because of the lack of tension at the top but I've heard overs say they are great.

  16. Once again, this guy serves as a reminder that MOST of what you see on You Tube in terms of exercise instruction is crap. The advantage of a preacher curl is that it helps to isolate the biceps. By keeping your arm on the pad, you limit the amount of lower back, or shoulder engagement that might occur as the biceps fatigue (cheating). The disadvantage, is that you cannot develop strength at the top of the range, because the arm becomes a fulcrum.

  17. Continuing…In other words, as soon as your forearm is perpendicular to the floor, your skeleton is supporting the weight, NOT your biceps. Unfortunately, the trainer is not going to a full extension in the video. He is stopping 15-20 degees shy of a full extension. He is eliminating the very part of the range of motion that the preacher curl is best suited for developing strength in. That's because he's uneducated. All the "expertvillage" exercise videos featuring this guy are a joke.

  18. The way to make a preacher curl most effective is to set the seat back of an incline bench to a steep angle. 70-80 degrees would be good. Do your curls off this and make sure that the dumbell touches the seat on the way down. This will ensure a full extension on the way down, and the extremely high angle of the bench will ensure that you are opposing gravity all the way up. The muscle cannot rest. [email protected] if you need a personal trainer in NYC. Good luck.

  19. @kingraider7 he's doing a demonstration not showing off, I do 15 reps at 30-35lbs and my arms are half the size of his.

  20. @JJSMACKS New people to lifting weights should workout 3 times a week doing a small amount of sets every time, if they're trying to add muscle. Pro body builders are usually only trying to maintain the muscle that they've already put there.

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  22. @JJSMACKS proffesional bodybuilders workout twice a day-take an example of arnold, he developed twice a day exercise…ofc its only for people who know what are they doing and are probably on steroids.
    exercise for adverge man is 3, 4 times a week- its can be higher but you must do every muscle in that week once, not more
    everything else you said stands.

  23. @JJSMACKS Depends how far you are into weightlifting. For example, a person that is a beginner is able to lift the same body part up to three times a week, while a very advanced lifter might only lift a body part once every two weeks. The reasoning behind this is because of the intensity built up and the amount of weight lifted. A person that benches 115 for 5 needs a lot less recovery time than someone who benches 315 for 5, assuming both aren't under steroids.

  24. @JJSMACKS that last part wasnt true, they give themselves 1 day off. and nutrition is the major part for repairing, since they eat 1.5-2 times their body weight grams of protein, the body will have the necessary components to recover quickly

  25. @TheCrossov3r That will get you much farther than, say, benching every day. When he says "once or twice a week", he means each muscle group. So many people have three day splits:
    Mon: Chest, Tris, Shoulders
    Wen: Back, Bis
    Fri: Legs

    With abs mixed in 3 or 4 times a week.(slow twitch muscles can be worked out more)

  26. @SnuserArne Agree , the only rest day i have i Sunday , all the other days i work muscules abs and lowerback , EVERY DAY !!!

  27. @TheMaxplatt THANK YOU XD I was trying to remember who it reminded me of XD

    You've brought back lots of memories lol… Thanks for that 😀

  28. @Felipevd1
    Its actually true, its not about determination or lazy. its about science itself (:
    there are so many articles about this.
    The range of motion a taller person have to do to get a full rep is alot more than a shorter person's..

  29. @Felipevd1 there's also the time it gets to appear " big " too. tall people take at least twice as longer.
    you're also right about the possibilities

  30. @TheMaxplatt stop makin fun of people your just mad you don't have biceps or your fat eating doughnuts on your coach all day hey if u don't like the video don't look at it he's actually putting this on youtube for people like u who don't know how to do a preacher curl with your weak self

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