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What I’ll be demonstrating here, is forearm
wrist curls. You definitely want to get a light weight for this, because you can cause
injury to your wrist and your forearms. And, what you want to do is you want to go ahead
and pretty much the dumbbell’s going to be coming all the way down to your fingertips
as if it’s falling off. Then, you want to curl it up. Flex the forearm. You’re pretty
much hitting the out, the inside actually of your forearms. And, then you want to continue
this motion. I would say, do high reps on this only because it reacts better due to
it’s muscle fibers in that particular area. It reacts better to high reps. So, you want
to continue that motion of bring it up. Flexing that forearm and then bringing it down. Again,
like its coming off your fingers all the way down to the fingertips. And, if you wanted
to you could actually have it palms down and do it backwards. Curl it in and then flex
it up. Curl it in and then flex it up. And, that’s how you do forearm wrist curls.

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Forearm Wrist Curls With Dumbbells

  1. ok, so i was doing this exercise until one of my friend told me that this might cause carpal tunnel syndrome? uh….is that true?

  2. @MischievousAlien
    Prolonged extreme flexion of the forearm can lead to carpal, and so can prolonged extension. The best forearm exercises are those that keep your wrist neutral, such as farmer's walks, shrugs and deadlifts.

  3. Dude, stop putting out these videos. You are displaying your lack of knowledge. The wrist flexors are palmaris longus, flexor carpi radialis, and flexor carpi ulnaris. If this is supposed to be a tutorial on wrist flexion, then why don't you refer to the specific muscles being worked? Rolling the weight to the fingertips also involves flexordigitorumsuperficialis, which serves double duty as both a finger flexor AND a wrist flexor. Did you know that, Mr. "expert"? You are embarrassing yourself!

  4. I wish people would realize that this guy is as far from an "expert" as one could be. I have spent so much time getting my degree, attaining nationally recognized certifications, and continuing to improve as an instructor (not just by lifting weights 6X a week, but by continually educating myself),that this guy pisses me off. I'm pretty muscular, but it's my education and ability to communicate that make me a successful trainer. Listen to a qualified trainer. NOT this guy!

  5. @hhhk20 lol, I think you’re embarrassing yourself. The video was meant to be a simple forearm workout that would not need any crazy anatomy lingo. I think he was aiming for a simple workout. Haha, who are you trying to impress?

  6. Some people don't have the capacity to absorb or retain certain information. The fact that you referred to the names of the muscles in the forearms as "crazy exercise lingo" proves that. The exercises CAN be demonstrated without the naming of the specific muscles worked, but you need to know what their functions are. The guy NEVER mentions the terms "flexion" and "extension" when explaining the movements. Those terms are from forearms 101. As "simple" as it gets. He never even mentions them!

  7. @fddf44 Not trying to impress anyone. Just trying to bring to light the fact that the guy is uneducated. Just as I didn't choose to call the muscles that perform knee flexion "quadriceps", I didn't choose the names of the forearm muscles. Those are the names! I just LEARNED about them, and their respective functions. You refer to the exercises as "simple". The exercises ARE simple, but the corresponding explanations need to be comprehensive, if one is presenting themselves as an "expert".

  8. @hhhk20 This guy did not mention the actual names and that is not a problem. It seems you’re the only person to have a problem with this guy. Maybe he does know the terms and thought there is no reason to refer to them because he knows what the audience wants. I can easily retain the information on the specifics of the human muscles if I want to; I just do not see how that will help me throughout any part of my life. You are in this job field and must learn, not a matter of "can't" but "want."

  9. If a driving instructor referred to the steering wheel as "this round thing", would THAT be a problem? Using your logic, I suppose it would not. For most people, however, it would not inspire confidence, and, in fact, make them feel that he might not be qualified to teach. Unfortunately, most people(yourself included) don't have the background knowledge to draw a distinction between a real expert and someone posing as one. I hate seeing people waste their time listening to the wrong people.

  10. @100dllrVilliaN You are missing the point. This guy is not choosing to leave out specific words to better appeal to a certain audience. He isn't using them because he is UNEDUCATED. He doesn't mention them because he doesn't know where they are or what their respective functions are. Not necessarily specifying "flexor carpi radialis" is OK, but not referring to BASIC terms (whether anyone wants to hear them or not) like "extension" and "flexion" is not OK.

  11. Contact me at [email protected] if you have a specific question, and want a detailed comprehensive answer. My only intent in posting these criticisms is to stop people from wasting their time by listening to, and following the advice of people like this guy. I am eagerly anticipating the day when personal trainers will be required to be LICENSED in New York State. When that day arrives, there will be a lot of "experts" switching careers, or heading to New Jersey.

  12. When you say use a "lighter weight" for this particular exercise, would a 20lb dumbell be ok? P.s. I am 18.

  13. I was doing wrist curls and i THINK i've managed to sprain my left wrist.. it's been hurting for about a month, and hurts mainly on rotations left and right rather than moving it up and down. Anyone know if this sounds like a sprain? and how long they usually take to heal? Also is there anything i can do to accelerate healing?

  14. @TSkillaaa you can put it in one of them braces, can get em at walmart,krogers,cvs, etc.itll hold your hand in the correct form for your wrist. its going to limit your movements for certain things tho.

  15. @ThreeCousinsAndaNoob its relative to you so try the dumbell do about twenty reps if you feel no fatigue in crease the weight.i shoot for 20 reps when i do it but i use 35s but i could max it with 45s so im probly doing about 75% weight. (75% of max weight for that lift)

  16. @JCMon3y08 Well, effectively you just called him retarded AND me a douche; That makes you the bigger douche. Think about it.

  17. @CrimsonSuperNova Be more specific? Lets see, high reps, hmmmm. What could that possibly mean? Don't start telling people that they are retarded you are the dumbshit.

  18. @Erizic8790 My God, wtf is up with all you people. If you're gonna bother replying to my post, then just kindly answer my question and not pointless hate-mail.

    "Be specific" does not mean "what is the definition of high reps". It means "Okay, by high reps, how many do you mean? a numerical value perhaps?"
    If you don't understand that, then by all means, me and anyone else should and DOES have the right to call you retarded. That is all. Have a nice day =)

  19. You big bicep forearm roots tree trunk veins photosynthesis body buff douchebag thanks for the lesson

  20. Hey Guys!
    I forgot where i heard this but i want to know if it is true.
    is the power of your punch determine by the strength of your wrist?

  21. @iwanfishz9 The strength of your punch is not directly related to the strength of any muscle in your body; allthough muscle strength contributes the majority of the power comes from a perfect punching form, which utilises momentum from your toes, back leg, hips, back and finally your arm. This comes with practise. The strength of your wrist however does help avoid injury when punching.

  22. @recx Maybe he's "Blatino." But I was wondering the same thing. Blacks, latinos, middle easterns; we all can have very similar features.

  23. @MrMADDCARROT im 15, and thats how much im lifting, im doing about 3 sets of 30. i can do more reps, but idk if itll make a differnece

  24. PEOPLE Please dont do exercise at 0:51, I got friggin Tennis Elbow from that…I am recovering now. I was in so much pain. I hate youtubers sometimes.

  25. @garysaran The reason that happened to you is because you used way too much weight for a reverse wrist curl. The muscles that are used for the reverse wrist curl will never be anywhere near as strong as the ones for the normal wrist curl, so you have to make sure to use even lighter weights for reverse wrist curls.

  26. high reps yeh for toning but honestly ya better off hittin bout 20kg each arm n squeeze at the point of curl . Dont do reverse curls its not a natural movement instead wrist twists.

  27. I actually use a combination of his differnt vids. There no single routine video which he has to my knowledge. I just use his different vids and made my own routine out of them

  28. I don't think age matters much. I'm only 125 pounds and doing it with 20 pounds. I feel things in my arm clicking…

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  33. What's the most recommended light weights… I use 30s for my average bicep curl Routine. Should I go about half 15s.

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