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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Now, what I’ll be performing here is, it almost
seems like I’m doing the bicep Preacher Curl, but this is just strictly on the forearms.
You definitely don’t want to move the bicep, it’s just the forearm, you’re flexing the
forearms and you’re pretty much working the wrist in. Bring it in, flex it, roll it all
the way down to the fingertips, get a good stretch, again, bring it in and flex it. Your
main thing is, you always want to get it a good flex and a good stretch when it comes
to trying to tear down that muscle because your main goal is to tear down, rebuild this
so it can get bigger. So, you want to bring it in, flex it. Sometimes you can hold it
for a few seconds just to get a good squeeze, bring it down, get that good stretch. And,
you want to do about three sets to about eight to ten reps. And then you can go ahead and
switch the forearm and do exactly the same thing, same form. Do not move the biceps,
just concentrate on the wrist and the forearms. That’s pretty much how you do Preacher Forearm
Wrist Curls.

35 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Forearms Preacher Curl With Dumbbell

  1. There are a number of problems with the form he is demonstrating. First, his forearm isn't supported, and second, the angle of the forearm is putting a lot of stress on the "stretch" part. You can do this exercise differently, making the strength curve more even.

  2. surely being big and muscular means you must know somthing about training,after all isn't that how you get big and muscular???the bigger and more muscular you surely gives you credibility to a degree!!!

  3. don't take this the wrong way but 6 times a week is too much for any muscle to be trained,and when do you fit in back,chest,legs etc?twice a week is plenty good enough for the majority of muscle groups,plus you aren't allowing recovery time,it may be worth remembering you grow while resting and not in the gym.p.s who gave my previous comment a thumbs down and why???

  4. True that. 1 rest day is not enough. Your just burning calories at that point. i do upper body work 2 days ina row to really work myself and have cardio mixed in. then i do 2 days of lower body with no upper body training and a more intense cardio workout.

  5. Hey i need some help. I am working out every day and have gotten really big defined biceps, and almost an 8 pack, but my forearms are still really small. I need to know how to make the forearms bigger.. because my arms look tiny unless i wear shirt with really short sleves.


  6. @hotdogdog2

    Maybe, but calves imo are the most genetic-dependant muscles of the body. Forearms can be made bigger with basic exercises, calves seem to take many years of hard work to put a few inches on, if you do it naturally.

  7. @acorulez thats the only way your muscles can grow, they have to be fed…their hungry little babies and they are crying for milk, feed them!

  8. @Ownzyew i could do more then you when I was 14, im though not that it matters. He's just demonstrating. Do people that demonstrate a benchpress using their max to show proper form and technique? I don't think so. Stop bragging about how weak and stupid you are.

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