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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’m going to be performing is the front
barbell shoulder press. This is for developing the front of the shoulders. It’s almost like
behind the neck shoulder press but this is in the front and it’s focusing on the front
shoulders. So you want to control the weight. Bringing it up and bringing it down. Flexing
it throughout the whole motion. You want to do about eight to ten reps. About three to
four sets. And you want to make sure that you don’t put your back into it. Just control
your shoulders throughout the whole motion. And that is how you do a front barbell shoulder

51 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Front Barbell Shoulder Press

  1. Fuck and Picus or learn at least you drbo Czech jebly?? No one on here cares about a Czech.. go fuck yourself!

  2. yes i do that too ! but dont push the weight with you leg cos you gotta focus on pushing the wieght with your shoulders only

  3. very wrist prone to injury the way he is holding the weight. The wrist should be as straight as possible. I guess it wouldnt matter with the light weight there though.

  4. All right all right stop with the thumbs down n shit i just dont like how hes probably a bad influence to new weightlifters using the grip hes using…..sheesh.

  5. Don't bend your back at all, try to keep your back solid and leaning straight or forward a bit, I too feel back strain a little, if you hear a click in your back, that's a bad sign that your back is about to give in. Yes you are working out your chest if your using an incline bench, your back must be vertical to your ground seated or standing for the shoulders to be worked out.

  6. actually, doing it standing up is better for full body strength development. I start my shoulder workout by powercleaning the bar up to my chest. Then I press it up twice. I do that for about 8 sets. If isolating the shoulders is your goal then you should do it seated since you won't have to stabilize your whole body.

  7. Good exercise although I think it keeps stress on the shoulders to push back up when biceps become parallel to bar. Going lower starts to include triceps more.

  8. Hi, I usualy never comment , but i just have to say that if your doing this standing, just flex your glutesand abs(yes, flex the butt, it prevents lower back arching and thus prevents injuries)

  9. Help,this is my workout

    Tuesday, Thursday

    5 sets 8 Reps, Chest Press on Machine , Champagnes, overhead, incline dumbbell fly variant, flat dumbbell twist flat press & fly, Shoulders on machine, dead lifts

    I run it through a routine, about a minute rest then start the next set i'm trying to gain muscle and mass also add 20 pounds onto myself before next summer, I cut out my cardio, if anyone has any tips help me please, this workout gets me super tired, but i'm not sore, week 22

  10. umm, that was terrible. I mean really, really awful. Why are you opening your hand when you press? You're going to get better muscle recruitment if you squeeze the bar hard. Also, if you keep your hand closed you don't have to worry about, I don't know, dropping the bar on your face. There are also a ton of things you leave out in your explanation, like tightening your core as a way of protecting your back and lifting the bar over your head instead of in front of your head.

  11. Don't do machine press, use a bench press.
    what the crap is a champagne.
    same goes with shoulders, use a goddamn bar like this one. To increase muscle mass on your upper body, you need to squat. I know this sounds weird, but squatting helps to put on weight. you probably will still have trouble gaining 20lbs so fast, but you must increase your protein and caloric intake as well as continually increasing the weights u do.

  12. @CBOCUZ. You know, I was going to reply about what an ignorant douchebag you are, but your comment speaks for itself. Learn how to spell. Then learn how to read. Then learn how to lift. Then maybe you can come back and talk some shit. Ok, CUZ? I press standing, the same way I piss, like a man. Maybe you'll be one someday, but that day isn't today.

  13. @MrDistantFuture ive been doing that for like 2 weeks but more wight and its like you said it take a lot of patience

  14. @123girlskateboards this isnt the weight he really uses, dumbass. this is just for demonstration purposes. hes no doubt resting his shoulders on this day so he cant go all out

  15. ha ha ha, "its almost like behind the neck shoulder press…..but this is in the front" NO SHIT SHERLOCK 😀

  16. @iloton
    first, look at his body. He knows what hes doin so let him be
    its the way he presents these exercises to us is the problem here not how he does it..this exercise works for him. stop hating. this guy is waaaaaaaay bigger than the both of us

  17. @27pepsiice

    If you think he got that big doing those weak ass 65lb presses, I've got a bridge you can buy. I can do three times that and I'm not that big. Furthermore, this is an instructional video, not a video of a guy showing off his body or how much he can lift. If your form sucks in an instructional video, what exactly are you teaching people?

  18. imma laugh when the bar falls on his head for having his hands open. for being an instructional video why the fuck do u have your hands open

  19. i'm gonna sue this guy/company! i did it the way he showed, i opened my hands and 500 pounds fell on me! now i'm braindead. 🙁

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