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Ok. What I’m going to be performing here is
called a front squat. Now, the traditional squat usually you see the bar behind the neck.
This is in front of your body. It’s going to be laying on your shoulders. Cross over
your arms to keep the bar steady and to hold there. Now, the front squat develops your
teardrop. That’s what we call it at the gym. Which, is the front part of your quads that’s
near the knee cap. You want to go down with the bar, come up. Again, just like the squat
you want to push from the heels. Keep your body steady throughout the whole flow. Do
about, depending on the amount of weight you’re doing if you’re going real heavy do about
eight to ten reps. If going real light, you want to to about ten to fifteen. Again, the
front squat you’re going to concentrate a lot on the front part next to the knee cap
to help develop those better. And, that’s how you perform the front squat.

80 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Front Squat

  1. You can try it :s normal squats are bad enough on the smith (although I do them).

    why not do it with just a bar?

  2. the injuries with the hamstrings exist because most people have very strong quads and underdeveloped hamstrings

  3. I prefer olympic grip, feels safer and you don't need a rack to put the weight back down, just put it back into your hands

    HUGE bodybuilders with big ass biceps have to rely on the cross grip because their GuNZ get in the way

  4. It's like that for everyone for the first couple of weeks…although there are flexibility drills you can do for your forearms to help..i use to do the cross armed method all the time till recently when someone took the time out to show me how to do it the olympic way..Tbh overtime it becomes better when you're tryna go for a max front squat estimate etc…

  5. I've heard that doing squats is good because your quads release a hormone that helps you build muscle, not sure if this is true tho.

  6. oh yeah, well it's probably true then, I myself am trying to get back into bodybuilding, but I'm having a hard time being motivated.

  7. it's simply that the squat and variations, basically anything full body makes you produce more testosterone. your quads aren't releasing anything themselves. but yes, you get an overall benefit from full body exercises because of this.

  8. cool, I imagine the quads just release the most amount of hormones due to their size comparative to your other muscles.

  9. over all the olympic style grip is alot better , and yes the best way and in fact the only way to to do a correct squat is ass 2 grass not doin half squats or the powerlifting paralel squat, so….SHIT VID , don't take advice from this guy when it comes to squats

  10. @noonan94 yeah, but I heard that the Quads release the most amount, I should have been more specific ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. @thrashmetal1029 front suats isolate the quads way better than regular, plus, front squad is one of the best core exercises around

  12. @1981z28camaro It's not just that quads though, squats and deadlifts work almost every muscle you have. That's why they stimulate your metabolism so much.

  13. @Xplodz – They're good for wreaking havoc on your knees. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously, you don't have to go "Ass-To-Ankles" like me as I do Oly Lifts, but you're hurting yourself in more ways than one if you don't at least hit parallel with squats. At least his back was fairly straight throughout the whole motion and he kept his elbows up for the most part…

  14. @G0dfatherzz that's true, but I guess what I'm getting at is that your legs contain the most amount of testosterone, and so all your other muscles will benefit from the release of testosterone from this part of your body.

  15. @Xplodz Not true, you can use more weight and it targets your quads. I use to think like you, but there is a place for everything is you are experienced.

  16. @1981z28camaro it is homie, but its gotta be heavy weight and maximum strain on the last rep for the most hormones

  17. @Xplodz.
    Half-squats are much easier on your knees, so they are better at some point, full squat will give a better stretch though, so making it a better exercise.

  18. @orks2 Half squats aren't squats period(.) There is a saying that goes "If you can't squat you aint worth shit" considering you had to squat down and take crap back in the days. So good luck explaining to people why half squats are important.

  19. @tooloocrew. Half squats are not more important than full squats or vice-versa. It's a great exercise and i love it for it gives a great quad-pump yet it is absolutely over-rated, like it or not it is replacable and dangerous for many people. When i was younger i didn't do squats because i could get a better result with different exercises. It's not about the exercise itself, it's about how you use that exercise to damage your muscle fiber.

  20. @Xplodz this guy is going almost to parallel which is considerably more than a half squat. The lower part of the squat is only really working the glutes anyway so who gives a shit if you're trying to target quads. His form is fine

  21. @orks2 It is true that half squats is easier on the knees. It is however also true that most normal people push way more weight doing half squats than doing proper squats. Taken this into consideration it is more likely that your half squats all in all will cause you more harm to your knees than real squats. Add the fact that real, deep, squats is many times as good an exercise, and you tell me what the best choise is ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. @InfiniteOscillation.
    That is a completely different topic now, you can damage your joints by using too high weight on side raises as well, you can also fuck up your neck by doing crunches incorectly.
    Now, secondly, "real squat", i'm not trying to flame you but you have your information very weak, there are different kind of squats, now the topic is about parallel squats being real bad, obviously bullshit, deep squats (not real squats) are a fantastic powerlifting and sem-bb move but dangerous.

  23. @1981z28camaro This is partially true. The Quads are the second largest muscles in the body, when working your quads with squats your putting a demand on one of the largest muscles in the body which is telling your body to produce testosterone, your quads dont produce testosterone, testosterone is produced in the male testes, a little is produced in the adrenal glands, and for women some is produced in the ovaries.

  24. depth befor dishonor!! dude you need to go lower so you dont instruct ppl in doing half ROM and there by make ppl think that its a good way to build muscle by doing half the ROM you can do

  25. @xGENERALxKILLx.
    ALmost all of the compund movements in weight lifting first handly come from powerlifting, (e.g. deadlift,benchpress.) the fact that it is used to bodybuilders doesn't show it is a bodybuilding movement, powerlifters have to go past paralel though otherwise the lift is not accepted. Once again, i'm not saying deep squats aren't a king exercise, they are but i find it narrow minded saying half squats are useless…

  26. @xGENERALxKILLx You got that backwards chief. Powerlifters do deep squats both in training and in competition. It's just proper technique. Research, before you spew forth garbage.

  27. @Johan1169 Hes not here to show us how much weight he can squat numb nut, He's here to show you a way of using a exercise don't like his advice don't use it.

  28. Arnold does these all the way down….well in the past he did and I have the magazine showing it, it's in one of my old issues of Muscle & Fitness. Still good stuff I use to do these and i'll tell you this shit works and it hurts like hell for a few weeks if you have never done them before.

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  32. Why do you look like you're bending down to take a shit?… You're form is fucking terrible. Also, get to 90 degrees or ATG, if not gtfo

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