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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’m going to be demonstrating here is
the incline angled dumbbell curl. So you’re at an incline on the bench. And the reason
why it’s called angled is instead of laying your arm all the way down, it’s going to be
angled. You pretty much want your arm leveled to the side of your body. Which is a little
bit more difficult than your normal inclined dumbbell curl. You want to bring up the weight,
flex the bicep, stretch it out. Again when you stretch it out you keep it at an angle,
you do not want your elbow to go past the side of your body. So you want to alternate
it, just continue that motion, flexing the bicep, stretching it out, keeping it at an
angle. You do not want it go past your body. If it did it would go like this and you’re
completely changing out the workout. Then you want to switch it, again keep it at an
angle. Flex the bicep, stretch it out, keeping it at the correct angle. And you want to do
about three sets, to about eight to ten reps each arm. And that’s your incline angled dumbbell

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