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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’m going to be demonstrating is the
incline hammer bicep curls. Now, you’re going to put bench on an incline. You want to make
sure you have good form. Your lower back, your upper back as well flat on the bench.
Okay? So, you want to control the dumbbells and you want it to be in the hammer position.
So, you want to curl it, flex the bicep, bring it down slowly, again, and you want to do
about three sets, eight to ten reps. Again, coming, bring it down, you definitely want
to control the bicep, flexing it when you come up, and then stretch it when you come
down. Now, you can also switch it up and do the traditional if you want it to. But again,
we’re just going to concentrate right on the hammer, if you want it to, you can alternate
hammer curls, and you can go back to doing the two, two hands at the same time. So it
does, it definitely is your choice, you can switch it up, and that’s how you do the incline
hammer bicep curls.

12 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Incline Hammer Biceps Curl

  1. well, different fibres to be quick and precise. You need to switch things up a lot and something as simple as this will help 'confuse' your muscles.

  2. @biggdado38 your always ment to go lighter to heavier noob LOL, otherwise there just gunna be pumped from the the heavier weight or if you bare of the light ones like a stupid amount

  3. I don't know. There's just something about how he doesn't speak like a super pumped PT that makes him sound more legit.

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  7. Well I'll be damned..
    This is miseducational!
    He seems like a nice guy and all but somewhere along the road this guy must have forgotten that a dumbbell is applying to the laws of physics wich means it has a gravitational pull.. towards earth, not the direction where your feet is pointed.
    I love incline curls but this form is broken and using such low weights as demonstration will make it harder for him to spot mistakes like this.

    Having the elbows pointed at an horizontal line like that makes the top half of his rep almost pointless becausethe dumbbells gravitational pull is no longer forcing the arms to stretch out and therefore it removes the tension from the biceps contraction. and holding his elbows still at their lowest point wouldn't be such a bad Idea either 😉

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