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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’ll be performing is the lateral raise.
Pretty much bring the dumbbells in front of you and bring it up. And, you want to make
sure you keep your shoulders squeezed and flexed. With this motion here, you want to
keep your elbows slightly bent. When you bring it up, you want the palms facing downwards
and then bring it in. Continue doing this for about eight to ten reps. Get a good pump,
about three to four sets. Continue doing this motion with the proper form. Keep your posture
correct throughout the whole motion. When you bring in the weights, you flex your shoulders.
When you bring the weights up, you continue flexing the shoulders. You also have the option, if you wanted to
you can do it with one arm. You can do a couple reps with that. And, then switch off and do
a couple reps with the next arm. And, that’s how you do lateral raises.

79 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Lateral Raise

  1. Actually I think that's physically impossible. Ten months isn't quite enough time to build that much muscle, assuming you start from scratch. And even then, you're probably looking at a full 6 day workout with alternating routines each day. P.S What are you gaining from being negative? Ego boost? Low self-esteem issues?

  2. I love doing upright rows, then doing lateral raises just like he shows them here. I've done that my last few workouts, can hardly lift my arms afterwards : ) (Plus I do Dips right after the laterals!)

  3. have you tried doing them with your arms 95% straight? i swear i've never seen someone do these with the arms bent like this before finding these vids on youtube :/

  4. This is AWFUL! M. Infraspinatus will take a huge beating with the elbows flexed like that becouse it will place a rotary force on the shoulder joint of wich infraspinatus must neutrilize. Also supraspinatus, the long tendon of biceps brachii and the bursa in the shoulder will be squeezed against the "roof", acromion, with potential inpinchmentsyndrome following. To get rid of all these problem, read my comment above.

  5. To stay safe during the lateral raise, you got to keep your shoulders depressed, arms almost straight and lift a little bit forward (if you were a clock, arms would go to 10 and 2, instead of 9 and 3.) Also the palm should be a bit rotated, so that your thumb is in line with your pinky, if you keep it out. Also stay SLOOW in this movement and do not raise the elbow above the shoulder, rather stop the movement a bit under.
    It is a nice exercise but you gotta stay safe! No brain no gain!!

  6. Its not easy to explain anatomical terms in non-anatomical terms, atlest not for me!

    Yeah I am small. I only moved weights for like 2 years and only gained 4 pounds, becouse i want to stay small.

    What is wrong with my rows? I know they are not perfect, my form have increased some since the videos and I also gotten stronger, so new videos are needed. But everyone needs to impove their form, so please give me critique. Dont mind the humping in the barbell row, i know thats shit.

  7. ur doing them right, theres just many varitions of this exersice, just switch it up every workout or set. or just use whatever feels comfortable to u.

  8. hes performing a common training error called tipping. lol hows that huge 120 loaded up on the bar as well.

  9. @MichielVic Technically that wasn't his 'advice' so much as his demonstration.

    Furthermore… like I think the angles people can handle could have slight variation, right?

  10. @Untiliamgone Who cares? Even with steroids you have to put in a ton of work; it is no different than taking protein. I can understand your disgust if he is in competition, but for recreational or amateur bodybuilding, he can use whatever the hell he wants.

  11. @MrAteck01 dumbass..every weightlifter will tell u the same thing that michielvic said… don't do it so high otherwise ur just damaging ur joints… he's pointing that out..

  12. @13andincrediblycut He could be on steroids, he could also not be on steroids. But since you are eager to jump to conclusuions without knowing facts you obviously have never worked out seriously on a high proteine diet. So what are you doing here? Just coming here to stare at this guys package? Coz that's okay, just keep your fucking mouth shut.

  13. wtf with all the retarted "know it all" comments?"STEROIDS" "fAKE" "WRONG".Even if u r in steroids u have to put a lot of work to archieve his body."why so little weight" ?Cause his trying to show u the exercise u fuckturd,not to workout himself.
    The only thing i dont like is that his elbows exceed the shoulders line causing the laterals to "hit" the trapezoids,which is uncomfy and dangerous..

  14. hi.. I 'm 18 years old, 176cm and 65kg.. i want to gain more muscle.. i have 2 medium weight dumbells.. pls give me a pice of advice or something pls

  15. @mudjimbabeach you obviously have no idea what your talking about, you need the heaviest weight possible with atleast 1 to 1.5 second reps for 6 – 10 in order to stimulate deep muscle fibers, flying 2.5 pound dumbbels for 5 seconds a piece doesnt do anything but put a ton of strain on the joints, just like any other exericse, the only exception for building muscle this way is if you take steroids, because yes the muscles do tear, but barely at all… muscles deal with explosive movements, alrigt

  16. he obviously can lift much heavier based on his built. he is just using light weights as a representation of the form to have when one does the excercise.

  17. I have a comment for you. In your first demonstration the elbow joint is bent to 90 degrees, and then with the demonstration requiring one arm the elbow joint is almost fully extended. Although it is still supposed to be the same exercise. The proper way of doing this exercise is to keep your arms almost fully extended with a slight bend at the elbow joint. (Keeping a your elbows at 90 degree decreases the resistance, there for reducing the stimulus and the overall growth of the muscle.

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