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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’ll be performing here is the overhead
triceps dumbbell extension. Pretty much, it’s called the overhead because you’re bringing
it over your head. Flex the triceps on top. When you bring it down you’re stretching it
out. So, you definitely want to make sure you control it. You don’t want to extend it
with your arm straight out, you want to still keep it a little bent. Control it coming down,
give it a good squeeze, a good stretch. Bring it out, give it a good flex on top. Continue
this about eight repetitions, about eight to ten, and about three sets. Then you want
to change it, switch arms, do the same motion. Now, if your arms are getting tired and you
need some support you can use the other hand to kind of hold your arms straight and continue
to that motion, flexing the triceps and stretching it out. And that’s the overhead triceps extension.

99 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Overhead Triceps Dumbbell Extension

  1. this bloke has some good vids. when i do this exercise it makes my lower back ache like a bitch. i find it hard to keep my lower back in its correct position.

  2. ye nice 1 m8!! i do it sittin down now, i dunno why i dint fink of it tbh. but sometimes the top of the bench gets in the way. nice 1 tho !!!

  3. @k0urf4th3r no. if you're not getting DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after training, usually it means you either didn't train properly or you did the same thing and your body has adapted to it. you need to vary your workouts.

  4. @insaneoffoe
    hey man howmuch down would be ok?
    i mean could this go under 90 degree ?
    it feels so much of stretch 🙁

  5. I don't really like overheads. My favorite are kickbacks, they're friggin' awesome! Good presentation though.

  6. @xXAnthony619Xx i hate it too as it makes me feel exhausted very quickly but after 2 weeks of doing this workout (and others as well) i can feel my triceps are a bit hardened not sure if that's considered a success. oh yeah i drink chocolate milk immediately after a workout session 🙂

  7. @wuzumaki It shouldn't really hurt… it doesn't hurt when I do it. When I push myself for extra reps I just feel tired and can feel the blood going there, never pain. you might be using too much weight

  8. @wuzumaki ive been doing this exercise for a while and depending on how you hold it you can also hold a heavier weight with both hands and do the same thing. i find that it doesn't hurt as much.

  9. i dont get it. seriously, ppl always say this work the tricep but what part of the tricep. the inner outter media;l. the long head short head what is dis exercise going to e putting stress on. we could be wasdting energy on a exercise and not now what it is and be working on the same muscle. group like the inner tricep head. but not the outter tricep head. thye are all uimportant not just one muscle in da body.

  10. @GsxRaider yeah man, any excercise you do you should be able to feel that targeted muscle tensing up after say 8-12 reps, if you dont feel it in that amount of repetitions then up your weight, just a little at a time.

  11. @WackyZacky1000

    do i do around 3/4 sets of 8/10 reps??? im lifting at home with dumbell and press ups of around 100 a day different positions..

  12. @WackyZacky1000

    do i do around 3/4 sets of 8/10 reps??? im lifting at home with dumbell and press ups of around 100 a day different positions.. btw i am 5ft6 about 8 stones lifting around 10/12 kg on dumbell.. sumtyms struggle but pull through

  13. @safiii786 8 stones? Thats 14 pounds a stone, correct? So I'm quessing your trying to put on weight. You want to do 80% of your maximum rep which should allow you to do 7-8 reps. And you must do that atleast 3 times. Also, you must, if your skinny and trying to put on weight, muscle, etc, be taking in alot of calories and a lot of protein in, every day. The most important thing for skinny guys(like I use to be) is eating a lot of fat and protein. Im sure you have more questions. Shoot em at me.

  14. @WackyZacky1000

    Thanks for that and yehh 14pounds a stone. I am not tooo skinny because my height isnt too big but i still want to look bigger and i have got results from press ups on my chest however i do have a problem eating because i get full to quick plus being a muslim i cannot eat beef or ham etc..

    how much weight on a dumbell is ryt for a young guy like me??? i know depends on individuals but im asking roughly what you think

  15. @safiii786 dang thats tough. No beef or ham, then fish is ur best choice, if ur allowed to. If u get full 2 quick, try to eat more meals, like 5-6/day.

  16. @SkillfulGaz if u know right form ,,y u watching yet ??? and look at these tri's how can bad form bring these ??

  17. @wasif18 Oddly enough, most people I know with big tri's have good form until they do a tricep specific exercise, at that point most of those exercises are pretty atrocious.

  18. Can someone help me? im 15 years and kind of short like about 159m tall and i was thinking of carrying weights and getting bigger muscles. However, one of my friends said that i will not grow and stay short if i carry weights or have big muscles. Oh and i was afraid of that. So i was thinking if it is ok if i carry weights/ dumbbells?

  19. @jethrotay do as many push ups sit ups as u want but try stay cleare of weights untill your 21 for a male 18 for a girl so ive been recomended .iv been doing weights since i was 18 im just 6ft would have liked to av been 6ft maybe its because i did weights maybe not im still the tallist in my family im 23 now biceps are 16.5 inc

  20. don't blame him kids, I have pushed my arms size from 13.6" to 16" just by doing home workout for about 3 month and eating whatever I like, no diet program or so. Don't say that at home you can't build muscle, lol

  21. i am getting elbow pain when i do this. Am i doing it wrong? (actually all tri exercise i do i get elbow discomfort except pushups and dips.)

  22. when I do this my neck always hurts afterward. Can yyou give some tips about how to do this while not injuring your neck?

  23. From what I understand, the lower arm has to be straight. Even a little bend can cause pain. Also, try not to bring the dumbell too low at your back.

  24. I've seen pretty big guys do small weights and pretty small guys do massive stuff, there's a lot more than just lifting a specific weight that goes into it. :p

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