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What I’ll be demonstrating here is the over
the head two hand dumbbell press. Pretty much, putting one hand over the other and you’ll
be pretty much pressing it over the head. Control it coming down. When you bring it
up you squeeze the triceps. Try to keep your elbows inward while you are doing this movement.
Control it. Again, bring it up, squeeze the triceps, bring it down slowly, control it.
You usually want to do about three sets, eight to ten reps, and there is an alternative.
You can also do one hand, like I ‘m doing right now. I’m just showing you with the two
hand dumbbell over the head. And if you wanted to, also you can do a super set. You can start
off with the two hand dumbbell press, and then you can go ahead and switch it out and
do one hand over the head dumbbell press. And that’s definitely something that you can
do as an option, to add something to the exercise. And that’s how you do the over the hand two
hand dumbbell press.

59 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Overhead Two Hand Dumbbell Press

  1. this is my favorite exercise for my tricep but i like doing it standing up cuz seating down makes me lazy of doing it.

  2. neither.. tat basically means one of ur triceps is doing more work than the other.. do db exercises to address tis issue and u can get back on those barbell exercises once both arms hav equal strength 🙂

  3. ur soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute but yeah videos r not for me……keep up the gud work man…….nd yeah guys learn how to exercise from him lolzxxxx

  4. Does this guy have to eat a certen way to get big like this lol im skinny as hell and i've been working out 3 months straight and Not much results just biceps are a lil bigger

  5. I think calling this movement a 'press' is incorrect. This is predominantly a joint isolation (elbow) exercise and would more normally be called an ' overheadtricep extension'.

    Man it is really hard to keep the elbows from flaring out when I do these 🙁

  6. tyciol is correct in his assertion that this is NOT a "press". A press would involve shoulder flexion. There is NO shoulder flexion here, just elbow extension. The guy in this video happens to be performing the movement correctly, but isn't even sure of what he is doing. He obviously has not taken even the most basic physiology course. That is why advice should be taken from an expert. Not an uneducated guy who passes himself off as an expert because he happens to be muscular.

  7. @lyraelx Who cares, you ask? How about anyone who wants to follow the advice of someone who is knowledgable? "Knowledgable" means "intelligent and well-informed". This guy is neither. If a chef put all the correct ingredients in a mixing bowl, but referred to the flour as "sugar", and the baking soda as "cornstarch" would that matter? Of course it would. If someone is presenting themselves as an "expert", of course they should know the correct terminology.

  8. I will be posting several exercise videos in September. The time has come for You Tube viewers to have access to advice from an actual expert.

  9. @Karnage515 It's not "sarcasm". It is stating the obvious: What is obvious, is that his muscular development is inversely proportional (look that up dummy) to his exercise knowledge and corresponding ability (or, lack thereof) to express it. If you can't grasp the points that I made, and actually believe that this "instructor" is worth listening to, because you feel that he's "muscilar", then you are beyond help. "Ignorance is Bliss", as they say!

  10. @hhhk20 Sorry, guess I didn't read it correctly the first time. Thought that you were just bashing on him for no reason. My bad.

  11. @windouse Ive not only heard it but also read it long time ago. You'll want to train for about an hour to an hour and a half a day. Especially when you're training with heavy weights. have a 1 minute break between reps and 3-4 minutes between exercises and do no more than 4-5 exercises a day for a certain group of muscle. It's better to ask a trainer at your gym for more advice.

  12. olá amigo,não sei se vai me entender mas;;gostei muito dos seus videos.muito bom mesmo.é uma pena que eu não falo ingles. im portugues.ok.

  13. Apparently this is bad form, wrists are meant to be straight at all times so when you reach the top the dumbbell is facing straight ahead.

  14. most of the guys at the gym i work at are just fat fucks with big arms, how do u get ur arms so big and lean as well

  15. @1980sbrawl yeah, triceps are part of benching, if u got strong triceps u should be able to bench better but it's also in the chest

  16. @1980sbrawl Yes it will. When you bench press, your using your chest, shoulders and triceps but mainly the chest muscles.

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