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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Now, what I’ll be demonstrating here is the
seated bicep alternate curls. You’ll want to keep your feet flat on the ground. Keep
good posture. You want your chest up. Now, what you want to do is when you curl the bicep
you want to give a good flex to the bicep. Bring it down not too slow, not too fast.
You want to alternate it and you want to do the same to the other arm. The main focus
again, is to put as much tension onto the bicep. And, keep on alternating it. When you
do bring it down, you want to make sure it has a good stretch. When you bring it up,
it has a good flex. Now, a mistake some people do is that put their shoulders into it and
sometimes they put their back into it. That’s why I was saying in the beginning, you want
to keep a good posture. Your chest up. Back tight. Continue alternating it for about eight
reps each arm. And, you want to do about three sets. And, that’s how you do alternate seated
bicep curls.

8 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Seated Bicep Alternate Curls

  1. if i did this excersize 5-8 times a day 20-50 times each time using my 25lb weight how long would it take to get 22's? im at 17 max now and only flab i see is in my triceps but only an inch or 2 not good but not batwings lol

  2. @chatanwarrior you need high weight + low rep to build muscle. if you use low weight + high reps you will just build endurance.

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