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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Now another option you have to do the traditional
squat. Usually it is with a barbell, you can actually switch it off and do it with a dumbbell.
You want to keep the dumbbells to the side. Now, do not use your arms, or your shoulders,
or your back. Just, pretty much, keep it laying against the side of your body and do your
normal squat. Squat down, push from the heels. And, again, as you see I’m not moving the
weight with my arms, I’m just keeping it down here like dead weight. OKay? Traditional squat,
just holding the dumbbells to the side. Now, another option you have, is you can do it
with one dumbbell. This would actually hit the front of the quads. This would be like
doing a front squat. Just concentrate, again, on doing a normal squat, just hold the weight.
Do not curl it up with the bicep, just focus on working out the quads. And that’s how you
do squats with a dumbbell.

25 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Squat With Dumbbells

  1. lol dude i feel bad for u with little bratty 10 year olds commenting on your page. That looks like its a good workout, and similar to what I do.

  2. well. if u would look up your facts lifting burns 2 to 3 times the calories. and keep the body toned and keeps the fat off longer. now im not saying cardio is bad but if u think its better than lifting you're an idiot. all cardio is good for is not losing your breath when you're kicking peoples asses that dont know the head from a pile of shit

  3. Nah I'll stick with the King of squats, the barbell squat. NOTHING else in the gym packs on more pounds. period.

  4. this just puts too much strain on my arms and traps. squats with a barbell on ya shoulders is much better- so long as there is a pad or cushion wrapped around the bar!!!!

  5. @AshBethel
    Shut up about the barbell squat. Before you know it people will be saying it cures cancer. It has actually been shown that the step up is more effective when it comes to strengthening and building up leg muscles.

  6. @JohnyStars90

    Don't Rely on push-ups only to give you muscle mass, try looking on the internet for other exercises aswell that you can do at home, there's plenty out there. 🙂

  7. using plates with fingers extended gives you a better wotkout. Something about keeping your fingers extended, I feel it more in my wrist & FOREARMS.

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