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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’ll be demonstrating the standing dumbbell
angled curl. The angle we will work with is the ninety degrees. Pretty much you’re keeping
it at a ninety degree angle, when you bring it up you flex the bicep, you stop it at ninety
degrees. And just continue that action until you hit the amount of reps you decide to do,
which I would recommend eight to ten reps. So again you stop it at ninety degrees, bring
it up and you flex it. Now if you wanted to you can do one hundred and eighty degrees
which it stops right here. One hundred and eighty. Bring it up flex, stop at one hundred
and eighty, flex. And you would go ahead and switch arms. Now if you wanted to you could
also do it at the same time with two dumbbells. But again at the moment right now we’re just
going to to ahead and demonstrate it with one. That’s one hundred and eighty, angle
at one hundred and eighty degrees. Bring it up, flex, do about three sets, to about eight
to ten reps. And that’s how you do the standing alternate angled dumbbell curls.

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  1. Monday : Pumping 15-20, 4 sets, abs exercise 10 times, 4 sets.
    Tuesday : Forearm curl and forearm reverse curl 20 times, 4 sets.
    Wednesday : Rest
    Thursday : Pumping 15-20, 4 sets. Abs exercise 10 times, 4 sets.
    Friday : Forearm curl and forearm reverse curl 20 times, 4 sets.
    Saturday : Rest

    Is this okay?
    If not, I need the correction….:-)

  2. You should do all your bicep and forearm exercises on the same day. A really intense workout will rip your muscle fibers and it can take up to a week to repair them. Doing biceps multiple times in a week doesn't give your muscles time to repair, and you won't see much of a gain. It's always better to do less, than to overdo it.

  3. Oh really? So, how about I do leg, abs, bicep, tricep, and forearm in saturdays, and rest until the next saturday??

  4. I didnt say 'shut the fuck up and workout'. I'm asking for some advice man. Not looking for trouble like what you just did. Simple. If you wanna fight with me come to my country. My country is free from h1n1.

  5. Then why your symbol is '?'. Your words, your language, seems you r tough enough. Dont look for a trouble man. Just shut up if you dont want to give some advice for me.

  6. he said 180!!!! LOL!!!!! a-180-degree angle is a STRAIGHT line, obviously, he didnt stretched is arms all the way.

  7. Don't get me wrong I love eating the whole egg myself but you gotta consider that the yolk has 5g of fat. If you have one or two that aint gonna do much but if you eat all you like – that's really gonna show at the end of the month, you know?

    I just eat the yolk mainly for it's good amount of vitamin B, if i wanted the protein id just have a lean slice of chicken instead.

  8. correction it is forbidden in islam to have tattoos as its forbidden to drink alcohol or dress immodestly but some muslims still do as they are not practicing their religion correctly.

  9. @stefanf40 for a guy with big biceps its impossible to curl 180 degrees..i am quite sure that he knows what 18 is..its fairly obvious that he is talking about going all the way down. Its not geometry class but workout instructions. He's helping a lotta people out so if you dont have anything good to say dont say it at all. Thats what I think

  10. @kenr69 and no one has asked for your ignorant or arrogant response. I am a muslim and someone said something which was relating to islam that needed correction.

  11. @stefanf40 hey maestro of statistic let me rephrase him for ya, he meant 136.123 degree Sharpe. no muscle no brain lol

  12. @Doctoratkins Yep synthol lol. This exercise isn't letting his biceps get the full range of motion either so it makes his arms look bigger

  13. @DoomFan001 there are people who are big without steroids. and when someone is using them u can tell. he is not using steroids. just lifting properly and doing what needs to be done to get big (without steroids)

  14. @KILLZONER20 , when you bring it down 90 degrees, your biceps are NEVER resting, they will always be flexed and working. however, when you bring it down 180 degrees (basically full motion), when u go down ur bicep relaxes because its in a resting position. 90 degrees is good if you wanna get a good pump and a good strain on the biceps but it does not work the lower bally of your bicep, it only works the middle and top of it. i prefer full motion as it works the entire bicep.

  15. @MiSSionRydah , it depends if your doing circuit training or not. but if you want to rest which is recommended, then rest between 45-60 seconds and then move on to your next exercise

  16. @pisswizzard my bad m8 obviously told wrong info, hey m8 i hate cooked eggs, but can handle pooring raw eggs in a glass of milk is tht ok for ya, but obviously not as nutrient lol cheers

  17. @MiSSionRydah , okay let me make this simple. you should rest about 30-60 secs between each SET of the SAME exercise, and then you should rest about 60-90 seconds before you move onto your NEXT exercise, and then you can rest 30-60 secs and do the same thing. it depends on how you're feeling, but if you're really tired and you need to rest, dont rest more than 90 seconds, every second is more enhancement, dont let those seconds go. i know im not a pro but i know some stuff so inbox me if u want.

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