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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Okay, what we are going to do, is different
from the shoulder press, is called the Arnold. We’re going to go ahead and press it, bring
it down, when you bring it up, you twist it while you’re coming down, and then you change
the position. Come back up, again, when you’re getting ready to come down, change the position
and then twist it back, and bring it back up. Continue this motion for about six to
eight reps. Bring it up, twist the wrists, control it coming down, twist the wrists again,
control it coming up. Throughout the whole motion, you want to make sure that your posture
stays the same and that you control the weight. And while you’re coming down, you want to
make sure that you control it while you’re twisting your wrists as well. And that’s how
you do the Arnold.

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: The Arnold

  1. I Understand but there is no right or wrong way to train. Thats why we call it training. He is being safe in the video by using light weights. He will not hurt himself by using such weight, even if twisting.

  2. Actually Im 5'7" 160 lbs, 4% bf now, cuts and striations. 29" Waist, 13 inch forearms, 15 inch neck, 16 inch calves. anything else?

  3. ahhhh damnn you child!!!

    im 21 and im 15inch !!!

    tell me ur secrets !!!

    tell me the ways of the zaksept !!!!

  4. his starting grip is all that changes this from a shoulder press. arnold presses are kept forward and inside in order to recruit the lats. the whole point is to turn shoulder presses into a compound exercise. this guy sucks.

  5. this guy has set up something good, but the only problem is that he doesn't say what it will work on if we were to do these exercises, like wolrking on biceps triceps, you wouldn't know what you have actually done, that would result in you ending up injuring yourself because you might be doing these exercises and other that you know and you would be putting too much preassure on a certain part of the body. so i suggest that this guy say what this exercise will do your body.

  6. so many ways to do these goddam arnies… some people never spread their elbows and just do twisting motion both at the top and bottom… some spread their elabows on the way down. while some, like you, spread their elbows on their way up… whats the better way to do it (((

  7. hmm I dont like this exercise..and this is not totally an Arnold press ………I would rather do front shoulder press and classic dumbbell press ..or military press………this is better for beginners

  8. lol nah, this is wrong. you come down, then bring it in, then go up. your not supposed to bring it in on the way down dude.

  9. I try to do about 3 sets of 10 of this exercise, but every-time i try a heavier weight, i stop at around rep 6 to 7 NOT because my shoulders feel tired, but rather because my PALMS hurt like HELL….. (as in the inside of my palm..)

    anyone has ANY advise on why this is happening? and maybe how to stop it from happening??

  10. @Kevinthejesuspuncher If you have ever been to gym you would know some people use the same clothes everytime they train because they're comfortable while wearing them. After training you just wash the clothes and they're ready for next days training. That simple.

  11. @tehl33t666 That's true but if you're going to make video you might want to change it up… just saying. lol

  12. @niggazbeatdown1 You ignorant fuck! There's no way that he did all these videos in ONE day! I love these videos, they are very helpful. What i said back then was only a joke so leave me the FUCK alone!

  13. @niggazbeatdown1 Dude, that proves nothing. The date is August 07, 2008 meaning the videos were uploaded that day. That doesn't necessarily mean that they were also MADE that day. Haha, you're one stupid fuck.

  14. Have you seen Alfonso Ribeiro (the actor called Carlton in Prince of Bel Air) now?
    He's looking more similar to Uncle Phil, not like this guy!!

  15. Some of the questions/comments posted here are so stupid, they just don't deserve a straightforward remark, and if you are literally that stupid, then bodybuilding isn't your sport. Just trying to save you people from having more weights crashing on your head is all. Good day.

  16. @DJOpaixMusic He was trying to imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent. By having typed this I have become dumber.

  17. @Garfeh26 To do it, you start with palms facing you. You then turn the 'bells throughout the ENTIRE range of motion.

  18. @steroidzr4loserz yes you are totally right, that's what i was about to say, allot of people do this exr wrong you must start with dumbbells infront of your chest with the dumbbells in the same level with your shoulders then you go to shoulder press position with rotating the dumbbells then you do the shoulder press then you come slow,y down with rotating back the dumbbells to the starting position

  19. @MrRajguitar your shoulder would be the first that is not under tension when your arm is raised in general, try extending your arm without any weight and your shoulder is under tension regardless of your triceps, where do you get that "bodybuider wisdom" i.e. bullshit, from?

  20. @MutsuKazuma – Extending to lockout (full range of motion) will move the pressure from your shoulders and triceps to your joints instead. Done enough might result in injuries.

  21. As I understand this lift, and have been taught it, he is doing it wrong. On the way down you should bring the weights closer together into your body, so the dumbbells touch. I was also taught never to let your elbows drop below a 90 degree angle. This puts more/constant stress on the shoulders. But hey, what do I know, I'm just some dude from the interwebs.

  22. This is actually the reverse of the Arnold Press… you start with the dumbbells in front of you … and bring them back each time…

  23. feel free to look on my channel for how to do them correctly; I'd link it here, but YouTube will not permit that! Cheers, everybody!

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