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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

O.k. what I’m going to perform here is a quad
exercise; this is the traditional squat. Now as you see I’m not using too much weight don’t
let that deceive you; that doesn’t mean I have skinny legs alright. So we’re going to
go ahead and get in the right stance here; put the feet shoulder width apart, bring the
weight down; control it, come back up. Now when you do go down you definitely want to
keep your legs 90; 90 degrees, you want to make sure you’re pushing off from the heels
and you want to make sure you flex your quads; and your hamstrings, also your glutes is also
getting a workout out of this so you want to try to depending on how much weight you’re
putting on six to eight reps. If you’re not putting too much weight you can go up higher
as twelve to fifteen reps and you want to do about three to four sets each, and that’s
how you do your traditional squat.

13 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Traditional Squat

  1. This is terrible form.

    1. The crease of your thigh needs to break parallel with your knee. You dont "keep the legs at 90 degrees".

    2. shoulders back, hands closer together, letting the bar rest on the "shelf" created by the rear delts. You're barely holding the bar at all.

    This isn't the worst form I've ever seen, but it is what I'd expect from Expert Village.

  2. Dude, seriously research Mark Rippetoe's instructional vids before making a fool out of yourself. When you remake this video, show your foot positioning. Good lord do a full squat please. ATG!!

  3. This is a terrible video. The way he holds the bar would break his wrists at higher weights (or just leave it to go sliding down his back and maybe catch a vertabra or two.) He also doesn't show how to receive the bar from a rack (you can't just pick up a 400# bar).

    I second the suggestion below – watch the videos by SquatRX or Rippetoe.

  4. DUDE… plz stop posting these vids, your exercises are ALL WRONG, 1. u're using something like a really incorrect powerlifting grip which is really bad 2 your stance isn't good at all, most ppl can't even do a normal ass 2 grass squat with no weight , your stance should be a bit wider and tips of your feet should be oriented a bit to the sides 3 and most important do the full squat not a 1/4 squat like u're doin in this vid…

  5. Even for a basic lifting routine, you need a better grip on the bar and go down for a full squat. This half squat isn't extending the Quads all the way. He bends forward at the waist when he goes down too.

  6. I liked the video. All of the overweight idiots making negative comments about it were great entertainment.

    Shout out to my obese peeps:

    Guys – go join a gym and stop trolling professionals that know what they're doing… or show us video of your last bodybuilding competition.

  7. I wanna kick this guys ass. His fucking videos are god awful and he makes a fucking fool out of himself in each and every one of them. Terrible form, terrible advice, just terrible.

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