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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’m going to be performing is a triceps
exercise called a triceps dip. What you want to do is you want to place your hands to,
to your side of your body. Now you can place your feet as far out or as close in as you
want, now the further out the harder the exercise. So you want to control it coming down that
you; that’s called dipping and then when you some up you want to squeeze that triceps and
again you’re stretching it by going down, and then by coming up you’re flexing it; the
whole time you want to make sure you control your posture and then you also want to control
the pace because you don’t want it to go too quickly or you’re really not doing anything,
you’re not putting too much tension on the triceps. So this particular exercise you want
to go ahead and do three sets to about eight to ten reps, and again if you want to bring
it real close just starting off it gives less stress to triceps and just continue the motion
for about three sets to eight to ten reps; and that’s how you do the triceps dip.

90 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Triceps Dip

  1. well it depends on how you train alot of rest if good i work mine out once a week but you can do it up to 3 times if your not doing it to intensley and arent taking supplements

  2. whats the position of the elbows? Locked and close to body or it dont matter? Position of back? Straight back?

  3. this variation of Dip is a medeocre substitute for real dips. NO COMPARISON. Sometimes they tell Girls (yes I am a girl) to do them this way because most girls are weak. But the bottom line is that a regular dipping bar creates the proper movement with the deep correct stretch & resistance as well as the right angle to do them. Don't waste your time with these- they wouldn't build one ounce of muscle- do them on the dipping bar.

  4. Prolly already been mentioned. But he said u dont need weights. When you get to be stronger you can take plates off of say, a bench press and place it in your lap. works great for added difficulty.

  5. yeah i always do this exercise. i do sets of 15 untill i do 105 and.. i been working out for 2 weeks but i do them really fast and i think if i was to do the same thing but slowly it will burn more and work my triceps better so ama try to do em like in slow motion

  6. i need to do something for my triceps all i have is biceps and it just looks funny with big arms and nothing in the back lol

  7. Running builds a lot of stamina and burns a lot of fat of course. If you plan on joining the military, they'll make you do a lot of exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) that require the use of your own body weight. So doing push-ups and non-weight lifting related exercises such as dips would greatly help.

  8. hello there,
    this is the workout i do
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

    first i work out my abdomen, then i workout my chest, then i workout my shoulders, then my bicep, and then my tricep.
    On my workout of chest, shoulder, bicep and tricep i do 4 sets to about 10 to 12 reps.
    I just want to know if the order im doing it its ok.

  9. thats because it is hard 🙂 i usually put my feet on the sofa or something to elevate them, feel the burn then, its way harder 😛

  10. in athletics we used to have to do 3 sets of 20 every day aaaffterr our regular weight lifting. It sucked.

  11. i have being doing weights 3 to 4 timrs a week for 4 months taking protein shakes would creatine be better for building muscle can any 1 tell me thanks . good vids man

  12. @0557930877 , haha , I can't believe you just said that! have you seen the guys who only work out with their bodies… man you are so wrong

  13. Hello i am a negro from holland and my problem is when i do this my dick is touching the ground. somtimes i put my dick behind my shoulders but its tickling my nose. Do you have any tips for a brother?

  14. I can do these with my feet up onto another bench with 85kg of plates resting on my legs for 8reps.

    It's a really good exercise if you want to create huge strength in your tri's for other exercises.

  15. Hey 13and what ever the fuck you call your self,I see you on lots of videos,and all u do is tell people negative stuff,and how your this and that..why dont you grow this how you are in real life?

  16. @714Kids Pain in the muscles a day or two later is not a problem, pain in your joints is definitely a warning sign. If this exercise is causing you pain, I'd suggest stopping them and start working on strengthening your rotator cuffs.

  17. is there a way to add weight to make this harder to get more mass/strength increases?

    I extend my legs out far and get a HUGE PUMP from this exercise, more than any other exericse like bench press.

  18. @trikky1234 Yeah, this definitely builds triceps. It gives a HUGE pump, well at least for me. However, I think you might need to add weight eventually somehow to make further improvements.

    I think this is far supreor to push ups. Push ups don't build mass/strength like bench press. Oddly enough though, tricep dips usually don't need to weight to see some results..

  19. @Kevn3000 triceps are the muscles behind your arm, and a little to the outside , if you hold your right arm out straight, then twist it left, you should feel it with your other hand , or you might see it poking through your skin in the middle

  20. @HabsFan081 i used 2 same hight chairs or benches and put my legs on the bench , also i put 20Kg on my knees to increase the resistance

  21. @No1WaveRider I do have to say that you dont need to look smart to be a nuclear physicist, but lets face it,, he does have a problem…..

  22. @No1WaveRider please dont make fun of him,, do you know how long he had to study that lines,… and then read them… some respect please

  23. that guy is in great shape and look at the bar with the little weights beside him

    *Not making fun of him just saying

  24. Excellent videos. Your demos are precise. Recently, I bought a small weight set for me and my 14 year old son. Your videos are quite helpful 😉

  25. @fenotipobombay That's what I thought, so I'm thinking maybe put a dumbbell between the legs increasing the weight as you get better?

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