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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’m going to perform is the tricep narrow
grip bench press. It’s almost like doing a bench press, but the difference is is that
your arms are closer to your body. So, the way you can measure it out is stick your two
thumbs all the way out. And, then to bring the bar extend it all the way out. Bring it
down slowly, keeping your elbows close to the body. And, then press it back up. So,
again it’s almost like the bench press. The only difference is, your arms a lot closer
to your body. You want to bring it down, keeping the triceps tight. And, that’s your main concentration
is that tricep. So, when you bring it down you’re stretching that tricep out. Flexing
it and flexing on top as well. You continue this motion. Do about three sets, eight to
ten reps. And, you don’t want the weight to be heavy that you would normally use for a
regular chest press. Because, you’re doing triceps and you’re doing a closer grip. So,
it’s going to be a little bit harder. You continue, again continue this for about three
sets to eight to ten reps.
And, that is how you do the narrow tricep bench press.

23 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Triceps Narrow Grip Bench Press

  1. because you use triceps in a lot of chest exercises by doing it after your chest workout it is already tired so you wont be training it while its strong!do it on back day then you will find it will be stronger,you can lift heavier therefore make better gains!

  2. thats because the way he is showing it is too narrow, Use a shoulder width grip and you should have no wrist problems

  3. I remember when a 10 pound plate crashed into my face and made my cheek swell the entire week. That hurt man. :))

  4. You know what's wrong with videos like this? They show the correct form using much lower weight than it should. Just show it must be done using the proper weight!!!

  5. @abcdrcill1 im 17 years old just started lifting 2 weeks ago is 15-25kg a good weight for bigginers to build muscle wen u go above this i cant control the bar i keep rocking it and i dont feel the stretch

  6. @Locksmithbeats

    Dude, its like 30kg man. That could not hurt a fly, look at the size of him even if he dropped the bar, it would not hurt him.

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