Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What I’ll be demonstrating here is the two
arm dumbbell curls. Now usually it’s used with one arm barbell curl but this is going
to be a two arm dumbbell curl right here. You’re going to bring it up at the same time.
Control it coming down. It makes it harder than having a barbell. Because you’ve got
to make sure that it’s at the same time, each arm is curling the dumbbell and then bringing
down the dumbbell. You don’t want to swing. You can mess up your back that way so you
want to make sure that your posture is correct. Stand up straight. You want to squeeze your
abs and continue curling up the biceps and giving it a good stretch all the way to the
bottom. You want to do about three sets ten to twelve reps. Give it a good pump. And if you wanted to you can also do hammer
curls. And that’s how you do the two arm dumbbell bicep curl.

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