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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Okay what I’ll be demonstrating here is the
two arm dumbbell preacher curl. Instead of using a straight bar we’re going to be using
two dumbbells. Concentrating on doing it at the same speed and the same pace. Flexing
the bicep and then bringing it down and stretching out the bicep. You want to make sure that
again you concentrate, that you are doing this at the same time, same speed. You want
to do about three sets to about eight to ten reps. Give it a good flex. Try to rush as
much blood into that bicep as possible. And then when you bring it down you control it.
Give it a good stretch, bring it back up. Then if you wanted to you could switch it
up and do hammers. Flex it. And that’s how you do the two arm dumbbell preacher curl.

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