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What I’ll be performing here is a Zottman
dumbbell preacher curl, which is different from the traditional dumbbell preacher curl.
What’s different from it, is when you bring the dumbbell up and squeeze it. After you
squeeze it, you’re going to turn the dumbbell around palms facing down to the ground and
controlling it still. And, then at the bottom of the motion you want to turn your wrist
around palms up and curl it back up again. So, again twist it on top palms facing down.
Control it going down. On the bottom of the motion, twist it palms facing up. And, you
want to do about three sets to about eight to ten reps with this motion. Control it.
Bring it up. Flex the biceps. And, then you want to go ahead alternate it. Flex the biceps.
Switch the angle, palms down. On the bottom switch it, palms up. Squeeze the bicep. And,
that’s how you perform the Zottman dumbbell preacher curl.

8 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Zottman Dumbbell Preacher Curls

  1. This would give your muscles a more overall developed look. Sure do your normal preacher curls but it would be wise to throw a few of these in there too.

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