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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

crazy book users can lose and keep off belly fat by first getting your nutrition together so that’s about 80% 90% of the battle right there is just eating right so that’s gonna help you with your weight loss in itself now on top of that I would recommend you do some type of cardio and and or hit training and that a lot of people like to either do fast at cardio in the morning you can do it either prior to your workout or do it after but you definitely need to throw some cardio mix for you to maximize your fat loss and also reduce your belly size [Music] safety during workout should be your number one focus so you shouldn’t compromise your safety and your technique to left a heavier weight just to showboat or you know because you have an ego you gotta leave that aside so number one you should come in make sure your techniques right make sure you’re protecting yourself make sure you’re using the right safety mechanisms whether you’re if you need you know wrist wraps elbow wraps knee wraps to protect those joints you’ve got to stay safe so that you have longevity and you don’t where you don’t risk injuring yourself [Music] I think crazy book users can stay motivated to go to the gem by finding a accountability partner someone that maybe you can go to the gym with or someone that you know that already is an existing member and kind of you know staying in contact motivate each other so that every day or whenever you’re supposed to go to gym you’re sticking to your schedule now also another way that I help some of my personal clients you know to kind of look at things so that they can stay motivated together gym is I recommend that I know a lot of days that you don’t feel like you want to go to the gym you’re not motivated and it happens to me but what I say is try to get your foot in the door at least drives to the gym even though you don’t feel like it tries to the joke walk in the door you’ll naturally get that energy and that motivation to do something when you’re there because you just you’re not going to be able to just stand there or walk around and just walk out of the gym you’re gonna make sure that you do something so that’s my recommendation the advice that I have for someone struggling to adjust to a healthy diet it’s the first I changing the way that you look at food food is fuel your energy and then you also have to kind of change your thought process on diet and don’t diet make healthier lifestyle choices so make gradual choices that are better for you that you can implement into your current eating regimen so not trying to completely go cold turkey and eat strict but make healthier choices makes dieting wrinkled dieting easier just make it a lifestyle choice [Music] the techniques I would recommend for crazybolt users turn rooster strength would be first figuring out what your primary or your bread-and-butter exercise for that given body part is and once you figure that out try to stick to a six to eight rep range but keep your intensity high now on your last set of that exercise I’m a big fan of doing drop sets so get to that eight rep range with whatever weight that you can then drop that way and usually I try to go down maybe about 20 pounds or so and then go right into it without any rest try to get as many reps in and hopefully within that six to eight rep range drop it again then go 20 pounds lower go pick it up do it again and I usually recommend to stick anywhere about two three to four drop sets and those I love to do those because I like to work out solo and I’m sure there’s many of you users out there that do the same it’s so beneficial especially when you can’t get that assistance from a partner so I recommend you get on that today and that will definitely improve your strength [Music] we can all lift heavier words by making a commitment to consistency and intensity those two key things will help you progress will help you consistently get stronger and inevitably be able to lift heavier weights users can maximize fat loss during a workout by first having a plan of attack when you walk into a gem you want to have a plan so that you’re not wasting time when you walk in you want to know exactly what are you doing – you want to make sure that you keep your rest to a minimum so for you I would probably recommend a maximum of 25 seconds but on the lower end maybe 15 second rest for you to keep your heart rate up and for you to continue to burn fat now for those who really want to up their game and make it even more intense workout I would completely cut out your rest period and in but during that rest period I would have you do some type a high-intensity exercise so that maybe burpees jumping rope jump jumping jacks just anything to keep that heart rate elevated while you so call it rest and that will maximize your fat loss [Music]

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