Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Working out is my drug. I don’t party every night, I don’t get wasted, I don’t pop bottles, I WORKOUT. I push my body to its limit, then I push harder! I blast my music, I sweat, I ace, I love pain, and I hate skinny. I don’t bother you, don’t judge me. You can have the clubs & the flashy life, I’ll take the darkness of the gym all day everyday… Somebody please… Train harder than me. Get out, move! I’m done.

95 thoughts on “Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Train Harder Than Me

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  2. Bud u must write a warning in the info part not to watch your videos after the workout. The problem is after watching this crazy stuff u can't do anything else then stand up and go back to gym. Great work man keep it up

  3. good start. the finish was a bit weak though, the tone just ended low. It might just be me though. good video overall

  4. Some of the pumped guys look extremely stupid … I mean no offense … But heaving a body like a mountain and than such a small head … just looks garbage 😀 COMPLETE garbage 😀

  5. I never understood why one would make an insane  video like this without including The god Ullisses himself, who is more aesthetic than him?

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  7. hi again.. I am 25yrs old, height-5'10",weight-75kgs.biceps are stuck with only 15.8'' for 8 months. right now I am taking muscletech 100% whey,nutrex concentrated creatine, muscle revolt BCAA 1K. I take normal black coffee- 3/4 cup with honey,breakfast-4 bread n peanut butter, 2 bananas. before luch: sweet potato,apple.lunch-little rice n 4 whole eggs. evening-1 chicken leg n whey(pre n post total 40 gm). dinner-chicken brests,lime/orange,carrot,cucumber,apple juice .before bed- whey+ low fat milk.. Do you think I am missing something? I really want biceps atleast of 18''..please,suggest me the needful.

  8. I used to be a great fan of your fan page on facebook and even here, but you put me down when I posted a progress pic of my self. Strong people don't put people down but rather help them out. What you did was the complete opposite which shows that it isn't worth being a fan of some page or host that is just going to make fun of the person that they see as inspiration. 

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  10. Can wait for 500.000 views!
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