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83 thoughts on “Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – You Earn Your Body

  1. For those wondering, the black haired girl is 18 year old Lone Norås, a Norwegian bikini fitness competitor. 
    18 year old IFBB bikini fitness athlete Lone Norås

    She has a new vid in the works, scheduled to be launched in March apprently,

  2. For everyone asking: The brunette girl's name is Lone Norås. She is a 19 year old IFBB bikini fitness athlete from Norway. You're welcome:)

  3. with hard work and dedication you can look like this too!   wait, no you cant,  you just need to shoot steroids in your ass and go to the gym 3 times a week….

  4. You Earn Your Body!
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  5. WallEast  and walking lungs rule. If your not puking your not training hard enough.
    TilingInfo Master Tile Setter loves  weighs, eating and setting tile!

  6. every video I have found from you has always been very inspirational and passionely motivating. thanks a lot man looking forward to viewing more new videos. but I always rewatch the old ones to remind my self what I stand for. great work.

  7. I'm 58 and recently lost 50#, I powerlifted back in the 80's, trained with Dennis Wright and Doug Furnas. They went on to greatness and I became domesticated. I am motivated by your videos and in my own realm I'll try to build what I can. At my age I have a few chronic injuries to deal with like sore elbows and knees, so I'm limited as to how heavy I can lift. Thanks for the motivation!

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  10. If you guys are the creator of the video that has Kai Greene doing the sound bite with the Resident Evil style music going on in the background or 28 days later I think it was the Resident Evil 2 actually was resin evil there's explaining to a kid he would never be a weightlifter and that particular video was nails so if you are the people that put it out and took it down can you put it back up one more time thank you a subscriber

  11. i really like working out but the eating part bothers me. Not because i dont want to eat. Because i dont know what to eat everyday and when.

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