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Hello this is Erik from NaturalPhreakz, in
this video i’m going to show you guys how to cook in bulk for the week. I know all of
you guys are saying that you don’t have time because you have jobs, kids or you are in
college. So follow me and I’ll show you how you can achieve the body you want. So I left
this chicken, steak and pork defrost overnight so right now should be good, yeah it’s good
so I am going to cook all these at once for the week. I am going to show you guys how I
seasoned it and we’ll get right to it. Now I’m prepping the chicken as you can see it,
has some fat stick to it. What you want to do is remove it because of course you don’t
want to eat the fat. Once you trim the fat you want to cut it in half or butterfly them
so they can cook faster. Ok so now it’s time to tenderize them to make it juicy. I am going
to show you guys how I do it. To tenderize the chicken all you need is a plastic wrap,
a hammer and smash it. Oh man don’t smash it too hard. Now that it’s soft and tender, now
for the seasoning. I got a sweet mesquite seasoning, black pepper and kosher salt. I got these at
Costco and it tastes pretty good so let’s season it. Guys, one thing I want to mention
is not to be afraid of salt, if you are drinking one or two gallons of water a day anyways
your system will get rid of it. So don’t be afraid of salt, I know there is a lot of diets
out there that limits salt, but just don’t be afraid of it, and just add it. So now that
the chicken is prepped, you want to go ahead and wash the cutting board and it’s time to
prep the steak. I am going to use the same seasoning, you guys should really try this
one. It gives a really good smokey flavor if you guys like it, you guys should try it. Ok
so I finished cutting up the steak and season it, as you can see the thickness. So that way
when you put it in the grill, it will be all juicy. Well I like it medium rare. Now let’s
go ahead and prep our last meat, which is pork chops This time I am going to season it a
little bit different. For the pork chops, go ahead and trim as much fat as you can. I am
going to season it with some pepper, garlic powder, chopped onion which is like onion
flakes, some oregano and kosher salt. So get this seasoned pretty well on every side and
we will go ahead and cook it. As you can see here is the chicken, the steak and the pork
chops all prepped up and ready to cook. This took like, I would say ten to fifteen minutes
to do and probably twenty to thirty minutes to cook it all, so as you can see you will
need like an hour or a little bit more than an hour to prep all this for the week and
you are good to go. Ok guys so now I am ready to grill the meats, I’ve got the BBQ already on,
it’s at four hundred degrees right now should be fine. As you can see, now it’s time to put
the meats. Ok guys so I just put the steak in, that’s the last
meat, you can see that the pork is almost done, the chicken it’s completely done. Ok
guys so I’ve just finished cooking all my meats, so I don’t want to hear you guys saying
ohh I don’t have time because if I can do it, you can do it. So check it out I have
my steak, my chicken and you can see it’s a lot and pork. I would say it will last me for
a week or a week and a half, but since I share with my brother, it will probably go in like
two days. So I hope you guys liked it. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Nice meal & that's  really healthy & delicious. If you buy your groceries in Costco try next time to get sea salt it will taste much better. Thanks for sharing.

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