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What’s the goal? What’s the vision? Something new has to change.. Something new has to be birth inside of you To say I AM A CONQUEROR. Changing who you are.. Must become a PRIORITY. This year belongs to you. The warriors that are in the trenches working to see their dream come true. It’s time now.. To we must.. READJUST Our comfort zone. See now is time to go to a different thought process! The dream is NOW! If we make up our mind for the dream to be now! TRUTH. Truth is if you work hard you can achieve your goal. Let’s see what 9 months of straight hardcore training will do. Having a goal that you think about every single day of your life.. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym It doesn’t matter if you’re at home It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation.. I think about it every day of my life. Since I was 18. You know, you think about something every day of your life.. Then you finally get to the point where you’re like I can win this thing. You know, never give up. Sometimes the harder you work for something the more you appreciate it when you do get it. One idea. Can change your life. One idea.. Can turn your life around. The idea is everything. Because thoughts become things. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. If there’s something that you want And you’re HUNGRY for it You gotta do whatever is necessary until! Anything is possible if you have prayers and believe, and you’re not afraid to do hard work when no one else is watching. When you’re willing to do the work against all odds.. Nothing can touch you. I can promise you that. You just have to think of this. Something you guys ever wanted in life.. More than ANYTHING. The whole journey, the whole process of starting lifting all the way to kinda where I am. It’s been a long road. It’s been a long journey to get to where I am, but.. I would walk it all over again. I have no regrets. So no matter what you say to me No matter what you say I can not do No matter what you say I will not do I MUST DO! I HAVE TO DO! I AM KING I LIVE THIS KINGDOM I WALK THIS KINGDOM This is our new identity… Your new identity is you must be OK with your comfort-zone being disturbed! I didn’t get noticed untill I was about 24 years old.. That’s 10 years of work I put in. People want immediate gain They’re looking for immediate gains on what they’re doing.. So they’re not dedicated. You have to persevere, you have to have the mind frame and dedication. That’s the reason why so many people fail in what they’re trying to do. So I put a decade into my work before I even got noticed. Then I had to put 5 more years into my art before I even got my pro card.. That’s 15 years before you even heard of Flex Wheeler. So you gotta be clear about what you want. And just know that in order to get it sometimes you gonna have to be willing to give everything you got. EVERYTHING. Get serious, get focused. if you want it, let’s get it. The people that become something in this sport are the people that actually have a love for it. If you don’t have a love for it You’re not gonna suffer through your diet, You’re not gonna suffer through the training when you’re in pain You’re not gonna do all the shit it takes.. You might do it for a year, you might do it for two years.. But you’re not gonna last for a decade if you don’t really love what you’re doing. This is something that I love to do. It’s in my heart and my soul.. And I was born to do this. So I’m going a 100% balls to the walls baby. We gotta recconect to what the vision really is.. We gotta reconnect to who we really are! It’s really all about who wants it more. Are you willing to push yourself farther, push the limits harder and push outside your comfort zone.. Are you willing to push harder than the next guy? THERE’S NOTHING I CAN’T ACHIEVE! I’m a new creature that you’re not ready to deal with. 2017.. Might be a f*cking savage the whole year so you guys better be ready.

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – 2017 – NO EXCUSES – HARD WORK PAYS OFF

  1. Happy new year everyone! I wanna say thanks to all of you for supporting this channel. I make these videos with passion and it's great to see that it motivates many people by doing so. It's time to work and leave no stone unturned in 2017! ''Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.'' #LetsGetIt

  2. 2017 The year to set goals and work hard to accomplish them…Giving all i got…Focus in what i can doing everything i need to…With out fear and a lot of passion,discipline and commitment…

  3. Thanks NickVision for putting together these great videos. Please stay away from what makavelli is doing at the time, just slapping together som motivational speech and music hes used a thousand times. Continue to make videos that flows good, like ur doing now. Peace.

  4. its just awesome video 👌👌👌👍it is really inspiring…Thanks for this new year gift😍😍🙏and wish you a very happy new year Bro🎆🎊

  5. The king of motivational videos well done. before I kill myself in the gym for 3 hours lifting until I puke I always watch one of your videos

  6. ezek pofáznak a kitartásról meg a motivációról… nem mondom hogy nincs bennük munka mert tudom hogy van de mellette tiz meg húsz szarságot szúrnak a picsájukba… és itt pattognak a kitartásról.. hagyjuk már… naturba építsen ki ilyen testet és akkor elhisszük…

  7. It's a great motivational video. To achieve what those people achieved, All you have do is to train hard at gym, eat lots of food and buy some STEROIDS.

  8. I had to pull up the Jason Huh footage. Emotional stuff. That's when you know that you're all in, 100%. Like there's no going back.

    'If You Want To Take The Island – Burn the Friggin Boats'

  9. Never do anything for anybody else, don't go the gym to "show people what you are" go there to show yourself what you are. Fuck what anybody says. Doesn't have to be the gym. Find SOMETHING you actually care about, something you're willing to sacrifice something for. Something you wake up and think about. That's passion, and passion won't last because you do it "to show the haters"

  10. Truth and hard work achieved without steroids. Now that's the real goal. Achive your TRUE potential. Not THE FAKE!

  11. Soundtrack is Awesome & motivational but had to dislike the video cuz he didnt tell the name of soundtrack .

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