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I need every person today to understand something.. No matter what we have been through. No matter what you ever been through… You HAD to go through it.. To get RIGHT HERE. You read these things about champions, what it takes to build a champion.. I did that from just a normal person from a small town. I came from the bottom and worked my way to the top. And made it to the big times. They say oldschool doesn’t help.. I beg to differ. OLDSCHOOL IS THE REASON WHY I’M STANDING HERE. People don’t burn out because of what they do People burn out because life makes them forget why they do it. What we did, is we went back to basics. OLDSCHOOL. Training hard, mo playing around, no hanging out No partying, no nothing.. We got real serious for this show. Because IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. Everybody wants it. But the raw reality of it is, everybody doesn’t get it. And the crazy thing is IF YOU WANT IT YOU CAN GET IT!! Don’t look for nothing spectacular to come out the sky.. WE ARE THE SKY. If you ain’t got more heart than me, If you ain’t been working harder than me. If you ain’t sacrificed more than me, I’m gonna destroy you. I wanna find something I’m really good at. I wanna find something to GET really good at. In fact. I wanna be THE BEST at this thing.. And I’m not gonna let anything stand in my way. We’e coming baby. That’s right. We’re coming. DON’T DOUBT ME. 500 pound incline today. Same thing I’m doing 20 years ago I’m doing right now. Ramy is a very dangerous bodybuilder. The only person he didn’t beat last year, is the reigning champion and that was Phil Heath. The journey of what we started to do is just beginning. You’ve expected a lot out of yourself in the past.. This is the time to put it all on the table and MAKE IT HAPPEN. It’s time to figure out whatever the majority is doing, I’m gonna find myself doing the opposite. I’l tell you this.. You show me your crowd I’ll show you your future. What we’re looking to change.. WE MUST CHANGE. That’s the only way it works!! This is a chance.. To capture A LEGACY. That’s FOREVER. And somebody … Somebody will be INSPIRED. It’s your time. Thank you for everybody that’s been part of this journey. That knows what I’m talking about. STRUGGLE, TRIUMPH.. THANK YOU. IT’S ON!! I’m not retreating. I’m not running. I don’t care what they say on paper. We live by this and we die by this. WE DON’T RETREAT. This is our new day!! It’s time for us to reclaim who we are. It’s time for us to STAND and put our feet in the ground. I know I just have to be the best for that day.. You know I’m just trying to beat myself from last year. And this is our new day. Our new day is to STAND UP and TAKE BACK and RECLAIM who we are. People right now, they’re looking for motivation. And I’m trying to create a scene.. And once I create the scene… Regardless if you’re intimidated or not. You wanna get in shape.. This will be the place to come. Change your comfort zone… And make sure you be careful who you let inside of it. NO RETREAT. NO SURRENDER. We live and we die by this.

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – 2018 – NO EXCUSES – TIME FOR A CHANGE

  1. ''You've expected a lot out of yourself in the past.. This is the time to put it all on the table and make it happen.'' #LetsWork#LeaveNoStoneUnturned

  2. The best channel I can't stop watching your videos thank a lot Guy's you really help me last year I mean 2017 hhhhh

  3. I know people like to joke about new year resolutions and goal, but it's good time to start taking things to the next level. Not satisfied with the results of 2017? Well make sure you are satisfied with your progress at the end of 2018. Work for the future, leave the past behind. If you want to reach a goal, the time to work for it is NOW.

  4. #LetsWorkOurFuckingAssOff Motivation in the house baby.Nick Vision very motivational To start of the year.

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  8. Pause at 3:44 and you shall see how Levrone was of a completely different league. He had the cuts, the roundness, the projections that people these days try to photoshop on to their instagram pics.

  9. HELLO NICK, U are a most incredible guy that I know of and u are very strong powerful and very high motivation guy that I know of and u are very seriously what u do in the gym and prove yourself too and with the guys too as well Anyway God Bless u always and Keep on trucking too

  10. All truelly beautiful legends stars.I hope you all are happy and deserved the best of your futures.Big hugs and kisses xxx Eva

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