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I don’t want this time to be about me.. I want this time right here, winning the arnold classic, to be about us. So this is just one. For me this is where the HARD WORK begins. Now that I know I CAN do it.. I gotta try to duplicate it and continue to PROGRESS and BE BETTER. The person to beat, because of overall thickness and it’s still muscle building show.. Is Josh Lenartowicz. For me it’s always just being better than last time. If you’re always better and better every time, sooner or later it’s gonna pay off. I’m definitely gonna be better than before. I get better with every show, on this one there’s gonna be no difference. You don’t go to the gym to train to be number 2.. You train your butt off to come here to be NUMBER 1. I did everything I could have possibly done.. I’ve trained my A$$ off to be here and I’m READY. One of my goals this year is to really just bring my conditioning to another level. And see a different matured look on my muscle. And I think the way we’re training right now, is really tapping in to some muscle fibers and changing the shape of my muscle as I’m coming down for the show.. That’s something I’m seeing and the training style is what’s helping me do that. It’s a relentless pursuit DAY IN and DAY OUT. To say I wanna take my body to a level that most people will never do. This way I think I will be in the best shape EVER. Once it’s showtime IT’S SHOWTIME.

40 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – ARNOLD CLASSIC 2018 – CONTENDERS – SHOWTIME

  1. The 2018 Arnold Classic Ohio is coming up in march so here's a vid with all contenders.
    What do you think will be the top 5?
    All competitors:
    Lionel Beyeke
    William Bonac
    Maxx Charles
    Jonathan De La Rosa
    Dexter Jackson
    Steve Kuclo
    Josh Lenartowicz
    Cedric McMillan
    Paul Poloczek
    Shawn Rhoden
    Luis Rodriguez
    Fred Smalls
    Roelly Winklaar
    Dennis Wolf
    Hidetada Yamagishi

  2. we're getting close folks! the anticipation is even greater with this update vid, amazing! gotta do shoulders in 30 min, gonna replay this vid for the motivating pump! thanks Nick.💪😠💪

  3. God i cant wait. This year is going to be one of the best lineups ever. Im a fan of nearly every competitor. im going to be there at the pre judging and finals both. Gonna wake up very early to drive all the way down there

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