Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Today is monday.. International Chest Day. Chest is something that you fantasize about. You dream about.. All fkn day. And when you get into the gym parking lot You take an extra scoop of your favorite preworkout And you walk into those glorious gym doors.. And make your way straight to the 130 pound dumbells. I actually hit from the bottom up I get that contraction on the upper chest. If I’m not feeling the muscle working correctly, it’s pointless so. I wanna take as much as I can out of the tricep and shoulders and really focus on getting the work done with the chest. We know that when we step into the glorious house of gains.. It’s CHEST DAY. And no matter what’s going on in our lives.. No matter how shitty our job is.. No matter if you have any family or relationship problems.. We’re gonna walk out the gym tonight with such A SICK FKN CHEST PUMP. We’re gonna feel like a FKN GOD.

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