Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

everyone should have a dream as a young kid I used to dream of being a bodybuilder it all started 19 years ago that was when I lifted my first wing seize them I have a lot of obstacles but I’m beating them one by one this silver medal means a lot to me something more than just the matter from a big competition it’s something special for me this is the proof that the multi believe in four years as did to me that motto is believe and achieve I never forget the day when I told my bison I thought it was all over the doctor told me that they should be the body building that’s it but I talked to myself nobody can tell me what I can or cannot do nobody can tell me I should quit I prove that doctor was wrong and today when I have this medal you might have I know I’m right because my dream came true I am a bodybuilder so I encourage everyone always believe in your dream and never give up on your dream because dreaming is everything

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