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A real man in the dark, when nobody is watching.. He’s putting in work. Because he loves the process. No pain lasts always.. No pain. Ain’t nobody going to hand you nothing, Ain’t nobody going to hand you no championship. Ain’t nobody going to hand you no title.. Be phenomenal or be forgotten. Now more than ever.. See you gotta be HUNGRY now. You can’t just casually walk around, well I will get to it later on.. Oh no.. This is a new day right now. We’re tired of this 60% you! So whatever you gotta do, YOU DO IT! You’re here… DO SOMETHING. Whatever you gotta do you do it! If you will be a champion, If you will be a beast.. You’re gonna have to go through something. Commit yourself to giving your best at all times. Now that’s not easy. It’s hard.. Easy is not an option. However, what you will discover is… THAT IT’S WORTH IT! When you get to the point where enough is enough.. Where it hurts real bad, you can’t take it no more. When you get to that point… I’m telling you, I can’t explain it to you.. But doors start opening, opportunities start happening.. But what you CAN NOT DO… Is you can not quit during the process! You cannot give up!! Champions keep going when they don’t have anything left in their tank. That’s what seperates them. When they don’t have no more.. When it’s over, When they’re tired, When they’re frustrated, When they’re ready to give up… That’s when they get started. That’s when it’s showtime! As much as it sucks right now.. I know it’s gonna be worth it when it’s over. The more you suffer the better you look. Every bit counts. Everybody wanna be a beast… Untill it’s time to do what beasts do. Greatness is in you! You are here! Leave your mark!

41 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – FIGHT THROUGH IT

  1. ''When you get to the point where enough is enough, where it hurts real bad, you can't take it no more.. When you get to that point, I'm telling you.. Doors start opening, opportunities start happening. But what you can not do, is you CAN NOT quit during the process! You can not give up because it ain't what you see. You cannot give up!! Champions keep going when they don't have anything left in their tank. That's what seperates them, when they don't have no more, when it's over, when they're tired, when they're frustrated, when they're ready to give up.. That's where they get started. That's when it's showtime.''

  2. I still don;t get it, how this channel have only 26 K subscribers.Awesome man, on my gym list I have 60 songs, of those 60, 25 are from you.Thank you for great videos!

  3. man I'm telling you if there's ever gonna be a competition on motivation video's on earth your always gonna be number one fuck your videos are awesome just fucking awesome you and makaveli are fucking great!!!

  4. I feel like Johnny O. Jackson had a chance to be a top contender of only he could have figured out how to grow them quads. It almost pisses me off knowing how hard he trains, but for whatever reason his legs never came about. A theory is he could have chilled more on his power moves and upper body growth training to let his legs catch up. Another theory would be to have had him slam every single dosage of gear and gh into his quads locally. But more so, I just think somebody missed the boat in him somehow and his training was always done a certain way and never veered from. Had he done something like I mentioned above like light upper body and months of heavy hard lower body he might have gotten the legs a little more proportioned. Then again, he was coming with such mass upstairs and bulk that even when shredded down their was nothing that could have been done except if he was never a powerlifter from day one. That set the tone for his immense back thickness and traps and chest thickness that overpowered his lower half. fuck he could have been nice as hell with big, jacked, Ronnie Coleman thighs. Damn.

  5. Welcome in the world of true champions !
    That s the bodybuilding I like !
    Mass and strenght !
    Yeeeeaaaahhhh !

  6. Every video on this channel it's awesome!!! Very motivational,i think tha i'll download all the video โœŒ

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