Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

you have to learn to be a great loser in order to be a great champion second place is the worst place for you to be second place sucks and there’s a frustration that brings with you is attitude it brings with you and there’s a major major depression and disappointment it brings with you you’re supposed to fail you’re supposed to fucking fail because failure is the stepping stone to success you keep going no matter what time because your will and listen your perseverance everybody wants to be a goddamn success everybody wants to succeed you’ve got to fail embrace failure won’t fail you fail as many times as you possibly get one step closer having the thing no motherfucker i have not always been a success I have so many failures that will make you crawl under a table fucking die that’s why I am Who I am today it’s about what you learn along the way who you become along the way it’s that fucking journey and you’re on the journey guess what the journey is hard the journey is riddled with failure and that’s why most people don’t do it I gonna fucking fail again wow I hope you guys the watches videos I don’t be gonna fail a thousand fucking times keep going out their family you know what that means every time you me tells me that you’re doing something go out and fucking it’s the greatest joy in life Balian fuck yourself up just the way it is love it for what it is because if you didn’t fail you would never be able to appreciate success

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