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Your purpose is gonna be developed over the passion that you have of what you’re doing. The excitement level, The reason that you get up in the morning, The reason that you go ahead and do what you gotta do.. THE REASON YOU DON’T QUIT. And show people what your passion is.. Don’t let ANYBODY modify the vision that god has given you. LET’S GO! Tell me the stuff that you’re gonna do no matter what.. Like your life depended on it. That’s the stuff that you’re passionate about. The stuff that gets you upset.. The stuff that you can’t stand but you’re always drawn to it. That’s your passion. That’s what you need to do. I will be doing what I gotta do Whatever is called upon. STEP IN AND SHOW YOUR TRUE POWER! Be able to sacrifice at any moment.. Who you are now for who you will become later. You’re gonna fight, fight, fight!! Get your back no matter what! And buckle up and get ready for this new year! When I rested.. I’M BACK UP. I’m back up and into the situation. Because I have a mentality that don’t quit! And I know you do too as well. Your mentality should be I’M NOT GONNA QUIT!! I’M NOT GONNA GIVE UP I’m not gonna fall along the way, I’m gonna show my true power. Because I’m pursuing this opportunity. I’m looking for the resistance.. Because the resistance is gonna make me BETTER!! And every day I step to the plate.. Every rep.. Every time I get in here and lift a little bit more I’m pushing more on that set. No PRESSURE. No DIAMONDS. We’re talking about it.. And start being about it!

98 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – NEVER QUIT MENTALITY

  1. ''If you quit once it becomes a habit. NEVER QUIT!'' #OneMoreRep
    Song is Position Music – Sanctity Of Sorrow

  2. Don't you ever quit my brothers, always continue. Train hard as hell, eat, rest, and go again. We're all doing this bro !!!!!!

  3. Gutes Trainingsvideo, vorallen dass man den Ton ausmachen kann ! DENN DAS GESCHREI IST UNERTRÄGLICH; UND,- VORALLEM SO UNNÖTIG WIE EIN KROPF !!!

  4. Wooooo do not ever doubt yourself push yourself to the limit that you want to want to reach and that is being a beast let's get these gains fuck giving up

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