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I like that individual go to war mentality. I just don’t see it in today’s economy The desperation and the hunger.. Not just to be the best in the world but to eke out a living. We weren’t doing it for the money..! You have to think that, you know.. The SUFFERING and the PAIN and EVERYTHING else is gonna PAY OFF. When I went into training I had to stay there at 100% My approach was it was just straight forward I just went into the gym, attack the weights and I really just trained heavy. My style was never to be the strongest. Mine was always to be the best, I knew my limitations. I got up in the morning, did my cardio, went to the gym, came back, went to sleep, got up, eat, went to sleep, got up, eat, went back to the gym and came home and eat. And that was it. I needed to completely visualize myself going to battle in war. My style was finesse, completeness, balance and proportion. I focused on high repetitions and fast paced workouts. I could not outlift you but I tried to take you to the ground by dropsets. So that seemed to work for me. He encouraged me because he would always just be so polished. He would be SO POLISHED. Your posing it was just so beatiful and graceful the way you moved and everything. Kevin freaking 7 days out before a show would still freaking do 4 or 5 plates benching.. I’m like how the freak does he do that?

72 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – OLDSCHOOL DREAM CHASERS – Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler

  1. The 3 best physique's the world has ever seen. Perfect vid man going to blast this during my training tomorrow !!!

  2. All of them are uncrowned Mr O's.. If one of them won it would have been better for the sport without a doubt…

  3. The Reason I work out is because I want to be happy with myself, I don't care what you think of me, I can't accept it until I can say the same thing

  4. imagine Kevin Flex and Shawn..coming from the past and apairing at the 2018 olympia….:))))the roof would take off…and all the "pregnants" would give birth in an instant…:))

  5. How Flex and Shawn never won a Mr. O is such bullshit. They had more separation, definition, lines and portions of muscles at times then Jay and Ronnie Coleman.. he’ll even Phil heath the judging is such garbage..

  6. Phil the shit gut Heath cldnt hold a candle in their era that's how good they were totally competitive no guts just mass with class aesthetics n symmetry

  7. The most noticeable thing in this video, the three uncrowned Mr Olympia. Flex Wheeler, Kiven Lavrone and Shawn Ray. None of those guys won it even once while all deserved it more than once.

  8. Three of the sickest bodybuilders ever. Flex had the roundness and tiny waist, Ray had the balance and Levrone had the powerful physique. All had great lines and conditioning.

  9. These three freaks plus Nasser El Sonbatty were the pack that was trying to drown the reigning Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates back in the 90’s, but try as these three guys might, Dorian was able to keep his head above water. One could imagine how tough the competition for Mr. Olympia back then.

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