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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You really have to concentrate and really isolate that delt. That’s with every muscle group, you have to really concentrate and isolate. It’s for anybody, you see a guy in a suit he doesn’t have to workout, But if he has wide shoulders and a small waist it just looks right. If you wear a tanktop when you’re doing side delts and you look in the mirror, at the peak of the movement you can see the side delt peak. Side delts is what gives you that width. It gives you that V-Taper which makes your waist looks smaller. It’s really about the contraction of the muscle, the constant tension on the muscle, the technique and the ability to work different angles. To get the muscles to fire and pop. We’re not powerlifting, we’re bodybuilding. Keep the rhythm Keep the blood flowing in. I use the mirror to really look and try to connect my mind with the mirror and my muscle. The shoulders are burning, they’re on fire.. And it’s all mental strength, You just gotta push through it, make it happen! You gotta finish strong.. You gotta finish strong every workout.

57 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – Time For SHOULDER DAY

  1. New shoulder day vid!
    Watch LEG DAY ➞
    Watch ARM DAY ➞

  2. so awsome!! 10/10 motivation!! the only thing : i d loved to see more of markus ruhl on this but i guess thats personal preference. Very nice vid and sick intro. Also i love those escalation points (here with kai greene). Very sick!!

  3. Thanks for this video brother! This is my go to video whenever I am working out. This video pushes me to do my very best. Keep up with the good work!

  4. 0:56 typickal mofo bullshitting about technique And shit and flexin upperchest while raising arm..hahaha pathetic

  5. Shoulder day or "the life or Markus Rühl". The guy next to whom Ronnie & Jay looked like they didn't even train shoulders

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