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100 thoughts on “BODYBUILDING MOTIVATION – Train Hard Or Go Home

  1. No tak. Ostatnimi czasy zmienił trochę branże. Ale tak czy siak fajnie zobaczyć "Polski" akcent w takim filmiku. Super video. Pzdr

  2. give u donations?? 1 million likes is 5000 dollars, u made nearly 10 grand from this video, i dint think u need donations lol

  3. To all those not being able to see description, the song in the video is: Kraddy – Android Porn (Original Mix)

  4. Thanks! Because pre-workout supplements are the shit. Don't buy this bro… Everything outside Protein, Creatine and BCAA are the SHIT. Cheers!

  5. I come to you hungry and tired, you give me food you let me sleep. I come to you week, you give me strength. What a Motivational Entry wooow man.

  6. Its a true shame if poeple see a bodybuilder and just say steroids it maybe tru but even if you had everything they had used even more then them you would not get where they are because you dont have dicipline or the guts to step forward when life brings you to your knees the juice dont work if you dont and even on the juice it takes years to get there

  7. It was once a very popular video! Do you remember the first BB Motivational video with a woman?
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  8. My first Bodybuilding Motivation already 4 years on YouTube!
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  9. Normal people always asking me: ,,why are you doing this sport?" i say: ,,because i can!"

    end of debate…

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